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Sep 06, 2016
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Ex-Boxer Anthony Small Mocks British People for Rejoicing at Choudary Conviction, Says: Islam Will Dominate the World, Your Own Kingdom Will Be Forgotten

#5665 | 05:51
Source: The Internet

Former British boxer Anthony Small, who now goes by the name Abdul Haqq, posted a video on his YouTube channel on September 6, in which he mocked the British people for rejoicing at Anjem Choudary's prison sentence. "Millions of your tax money were used to arrest him... and now you're happy, overjoyed that he's going to sit with free food and shelter, at the cost of your hard-earned tax money," he laughed. "As the pages of history turn, your own reign, your own kingdom, your own history will be forgotten." The future, said Small, "is one of brightness, one of domination of the religion of Islam."

In a previous sermon by Small, delivered in London in 2013 following the killing of Pakistan Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud in a U.S. drone attack, he said that this approach will never stop the jihad (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 4062).

Anthony Small: "I'm amazed that there are British citizens, hard-working British taxpayers, happy, rejoicing on the Internet, social media platforms, at the conviction of Anjem Choudary. Now, why am I so amazed? Because you are happy at the fact that one of your arch-enemies, your - the person you hate with such venom - has had tens, hundreds, millions of pounds of your tax money spent on him. Your hard-working tax money - because you're not lazy, are you? Surely all of Ukraine is not coming over here stealing your jobs because you're lazy. No, no, of course you're not. You're hard-working taxpayers, tax money, has been used to follow this individual, bug his house, plant spies amongst his ranks, arrest him, charge him, take him through trial. It's not free - you think it's all free! Take him to trial, convict him, and now you're happy. All rejoice at the fact that he's now going to sit for a number of years, receiving free food, clothing and shelter at the cost of your hard-earned tax money. But you guys are laughing. That's why I love not-so-Great Britain, because you guys just, you guys can just see a bright side of anything. You guys... See, it doesn't matter. The cup with you guys, as they say, the cup is always half full.

"But then it gets worse. Because I'm sure that many of you are under the illusion that prison is this horrible place, some dungeon. No! Because in the U.K., prison is a holiday camp. Why do you think they call it an epidemic of reoffending? Because the criminals have nothing to fear. Nothing to fear. And then people always have to come up with the homosexual jokes. No, no, no, no. It doesn't happen like that in jail. If someone even looks a little bit skew-whiff, they have to keep their skew-whiff in check, because that will fix them, in a nutshell. It's not even that kind of party in jail. Maybe in America, but not inside the U.K. I know from first-hand experience.


"So we you take an individual like Anjem Choudary, and you leave all the stresses of life, day-to-day life, paying bills, etc. etc. etc., and put him in an environment where he doesn't have that stress, what do you think he's going to do? You think he's going to sit there watching TV? Well, he'll have TV as well, free-view channels as well. I'm not making this stuff up. You think he's going to sit there moping around? No. He's going to spend that time getting closer to his Lord, with no distractions, reading the Quran, learning more about Islam. Obviously, the path to Islam is a continuous one, I'm talking from first-hand experience. The closest I have ever felt to my Creator was when I was in prison, completely cut off from the distractions. Now he's got no distractions. He's got food, clothing, shelter all taken care of. In the wintertime, he gets a heated cell. In the summertime, he opens the window, getting a breeze coming through. This individual, and many like him, do not even have to concern themselves with washing their own clothes. You can't make this stuff up. How it happens in prison with your dirty clothes - you put them in a bag, you put them on the pool table in the morning, and in the evening - and after, you pick them up, they're washed, yes, and also dried and folded as well, at the cost of your tax money. Yet you're happy! I love you, British people! I love you, you're fantastic! Always look on the bright side of life! Yes! Indeed! The one you hate! Sitting there receiving all of these luxuries! Yet you're happy.


"So you got a terror conviction out of Anjem Choudary. But history has taught that, or you should have learned by now through history, that the success of the truth of Islam is not dependent upon the shoulders of any one individual. It's not dependent upon the freedom or even the life of one individual. Surely you learned that after you killed Anwar al-Awlaki. Surely you learned that after you killed Sheikh Osama bin Laden, Allah have mercy on him. Surely you learned that after the capturing of Sheikh Khalid Mohammed. Surely you learned a lesson from the incarceration of Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman, the Blind Sheikh inside of America. Did history not teach you that the success of the deen of our Islam does not reside on the shoulder of any one individual? After the death of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam did it not teach you that this deen will continue to shine? There will always be people, no matter how many have been killed. After you killed Sayyid Qutb, after the death of Salah Al-Din Al-Ayubi, and many others before them. Do you not read history books? Do you not see current-day times? The more you spend, the more you fight, the more the numbers of the people standing for the truth of Islam, they multiply. Not only multiply, but the firmer and stronger they become. So my advice to you is: Spend. Keep spending. Fight. Keep fighting. Because the more you fight, the more you spend, the more the believers become woken like the sleeping lion. And your spending and this fighting is your reward, a source of humiliation for you. Not only in this life, but worse, on the day of judgment.


"You know that verse where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) said that Allah shall be the east of the east and the west of the west. Yes, including your little small, not-so-great island was all dominated by Islam. You know as the pages of history turn, you know that your own reign, your own kingdom, your own history will be forgotten, and the future is one of brightness. The future is one of domination of the deen of Islam to bring justice over the people in the east and the west, even if you hate it. So as I said: Spend. Keep spending. Fight. Keep fighting. Wait, and we the believers also wait."

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