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Nov 01, 2016
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Eritrean Woman Who Escaped from ISIS Recounts Her Ordeal

#5748 | 02:45
Source: Alaan TV (UAE)

An Eritrean woman who was captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Libya after fleeing Eritrea recounted that she had converted to Islam out of fear that otherwise she would be slaughtered, and was used, along with other women, as a sex slave. "They want us to bear children so their numbers grow," she said in a TV interview that aired on Alaan TV on November 2. "ISIS are bad people. They slaughter, and they chop off hands."

Yudit Tasfadit: "My name is Yudit Tasfadit."

Interviewer: "Where are you from?"

Yudit Tasfadit: "From Eritrea. We were smuggled through the desert."

Interviewer: "Speak louder."

Yudit Tasfadit: "We entered a house in order to look for work and get some money. Then we moved on to another little town in Libya. That is where ISIS captured us. They separated the women and the men and took them to different prisons. We were about fifteen girls, including two who were pregnant. After about a month and a half, they took us to a different prison in Sirte. Four of the girls managed to escape. Seven days after one of the pregnant women gave birth, we attempted to escape as well, but ISIS caught us. We converted to Islam, because we were told that if we did not do so, we would be slaughtered together with our children. After we converted to Islam one of our guards said to us: 'According to Islam, you are considered to be female prisoners of war. You are going to serve us, get married, and give birth to children, and we are going to give you away as gifts or sell you as we wish.' They want us to bear children so their numbers grow. Then we were given to a man from ISIS. He could do with us whatever he wanted. He could give us to someone else as a present, sell us, or leave us with him. There was a girl among us [who was raped] by five ISIS members – a Sudanese, an Egyptian, a Libyan, a Ghanaian, and a Nigerian.


"ISIS are bad people. They slaughter, and they chop off hands. All they care about is that we give birth to many children from them."

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