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Jun 27, 2013
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Egyptian TV Host Resigns on Air to Protest Government Censorship

#3887 | 02:01
Source: Egypt Ch.2The Internet

Following are excerpts from a statement delivered by Egyptian TV host Gamal Al-Shaer, which aired on Channel 2, Egyptian TV, and was posted on the Internet on June 27, 2013:

Gamal Al-Shaer: My profound apologies to the distinguished viewers. The management of Egyptian TV has issued a decree terminating my show. The show today lasted only an hour and a half, because the management and the minister of information did not like the discussion. It was not in keeping with the policy of aligning Egyptian media with the Muslim Brotherhood.

I hereby register my protest at what goes on in this building. The Egyptian Radio and Television Union belongs to the Egyptian people, and I object to the suppression of any broadcaster, journalist, or Egyptian citizen. This is unacceptable. I register my protest at the policy of the information minister, who is a Muslim Brotherhood member, at the incompetent and Fascist broadcasting authority, which operates against the Egyptian people.

This is a respected people, and the opinions of others must be respected. This is a respectable TV show, which treats its guests with respect. I am pleased at what they said. They said very respectable things.

What happened to make them terminate this show? This is odd. We in the media have suffered an entire year of this insanity, and it has reached the point of suppression on a live TV show. I thank you. Goodbye.

Two panelists applaud

Panelist: Bravo! Bravo!


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