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Nov 09, 2016
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Egyptian TV Host Ahmed Moussa Congratulates Trump on Victory: The Muslim Brotherhood Have Bought all the Anti-Diarrhea Drugs in Egypt

#5747 | 01:58
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Ahmed Moussa hailed President-elect Donald Trump's victory, saying that he had "taught a lesson" to Clinton and the Obama administration, the "allies of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood." Clinton, he said, had "planted the seeds of terrorism in the Arab world and the Middle East." Reassuring his audience that Trump's problem was with the terrorists, not the Muslims, he mocked the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that following Trump's victory, "they bought up all the anti-diarrhea drugs in the country." Moussa made the statements on his Sada Al-Balad TV show on November 9.

Following are excerpts

Ahmed Moussa: Congratulations to the American people. Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump. Congratulations to the Trump campaign, or the Trump movement, which achieved a great and sweeping victory. Congratulations to the Trump family, the sweeties of the White House. They are the new sweeties entering the White House. You will see them all in a little while. Congratulations to everyone fighting the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood movement, and at their forefront - this man. This man, the President-elect, taught a lesson to the Obama administration, the ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, and taught a lesson to Clinton, the ally of the Muslim Brotherhood. Just look at those sweeties! Ignore anything else and look at these White House sweeties. What will they do? I want you to pay attention now. That's the son, that's the wife - the First Lady - and that is the rest of the family. This is the family that is going to the new White House.


By the way, Trump has no dispute with the Muslims. His dispute is with the terrorists, just to make things clear. He has no dispute whatsoever with the Muslims. On the contrary, he said he respects Islam and the Muslims and has Muslim friends. Just to make things clear - his problem, just like ours, is with the terrorists. Whoever hits the terrorists on the head - we stand by him.


The Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt bought up all the anti-diarrhea drugs in the country. I talked to Dr. Al-Izaby, who told me what happened today has never happened before in our pharmacies. The Muslim Brotherhood bought up all the anti-diarrhea drugs. What are we talking about here, guys? This is a done deal, which was decided by the American people. Why did they vote this way? They cast their votes against terrorism. They voted against Clinton, who planted the seeds of terrorism in the Arab world and the Middle East. This was the punishment from the American people.


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