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Jul 26, 2017
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Shi'ite Guest Kicked Out of Egyptian TV Studio for Saying Iraqi PMU Would Protect Saudi Women

#6183 | 03:15
Source: Assema TV (Egypt)

Egyptian MP Said Hassasin, who owns Al-Assema TV and moderates a talk show on the channel, lost his cool during a July 26 debate between Shi'ite and Sunni activists. Iraqi Shiite activist Youssef Al-Ghawab got the TV host and the Sunni Islamist guest riled up several times, when he stood to salute the Popular Mobilization Units, without which, he said, ISIS would be in Cairo, demolishing the Sphinx and the pyramids. Sunni activist 'Alaa Al-Said took off his shoe in a menacing manner several times. The final straw for Hassasin came when Al-Ghawab claimed that it was the PMU that would protect the women of Saudi Arabia. "By Allah, I will not let you finish the show. Off with you," he shouted, and the TV crew cut to the closing logo. Later Hassasin returned to apologize to the viewers for having brought "that Shiite scoundrel" onto the show.


Youssef Al-Ghawab: "First of all, I am proud and honored to be in the Popular Mobilization Units, and to have established the Al-Talea TV channel. When we talk about the PMU, we should stand in its honor, and to salute its honorable martyrs."


Youssef Al-Ghawab stands, puts his on his chest, then gives a military salute.


'Alaa Al-Said: "The show cannot go on like this... The sheikh of Al-Azhar said that the PMU is a terrorist group. This man is a militia member, a terrorist on Egyptian soil. He is the head of the Al-Khorasani militia, which belongs to the IRGC Qods Force that is bombing our people in Sinai."


Said Hassasin: "I will let you talk, but without provocations please..."


Youssef Al-Ghawab: "Do you have a problem with the PMU?"


Said Hassasin: "I don’t have a problem with anyone. I am a talk-show host. I brought someone here to respond to you."


Youssef Al-Ghawab: "Egypt stands by Iraq and supports it in all its decisions."


'Alaa Al-Said: "Egypt does not stand by the Iranians..."


Youssef Al-Ghawab: "It was the PMU that defeated terrorism in Iraq. If not for the PMU, ISIS members would be here on the streets of Cairo and would have destroyed the Sphinx and the pyramids.




"When the Saudi crown prince congratulated Trump for the liberation of Mosul, although it was the Iraqi's from the PMU who liberated it..."


'Alaa Al-Said: "What did you say to him?"


Youssef Al-Ghawab: "I told him, live on air, that it is the PMU who will protect the women of Saudi Arabia."


Said Hassasin: "By Allah, I will not let you finish the show. Off you go, off you go. The show is over. Wrap it up, Muhammad... Saudi Arabia is a respected country with a respected army, and respected men. Off you go, I refuse to finish the show. Wrap it up, Muhammad! I will not let you speak again.




"Hello again. Please forgive me for getting angry. I would like to apologize to the viewers for hosting that Shiite scoundrel. I got so angry that I could not continue the show as long as he was there.




"We support the Iraqi people and the Iraqi army, of course, but we do not support the Shi'ites. That's one thing. What bothered me even more was that he said that the Popular Mobilization Unit are the ones who would protect Saudi women. Let me say it again, and again and again: the Saudi women are protected by the king, by the crown prince, by the deputy crown prince, by the interior minister, by the defense minister... All the Saudi people will protect their women with their hearts and souls."

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