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Nov 10, 2015
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Egyptian Journalist: The West Is Plotting Sykes-Picot II to Establish the Jewish State

#5174 | 03:24

Interviewed on the Egyptian Assema TV channel on November 10, 2015, Samia Zein Al-Abideen, Editor-in-Chief of the Al-Messa daily, said that there was a conspiracy under way against Egypt and that the U.S. was plotting with five European countries to establish a Jewish state through "Sykes-Picot II."

Following are excerpts:

TV host: Is Egypt facing a conspiracy? Do you want to start with the conspiracy?

Samia Zein Al-Abideen: Yes, of course. It's not just a conspiracy. It's a very big conspiracy. Since March 1, 2014, I have been telling people about the conspiracy that is taking place against Egypt. I have been saying that Sykes-Picot II is under way and countries are being divided. If people recall... people should know about this. After the Tunisian revolution was announced, a meeting was held between the U.S., England, France and Germany, and Spain, and Italy. Six countries. If we check which countries participated in the first Sykes-Picot in 18-something...Those were the same countries, except for America - because America wasn't around yet. Sykes-Picot I got us the state of Israel, but Sykes-Picot II,which is under way, will get us the "Jewish State."


Samia Zein Al-Abideen: The U.S. and England are two sides of the same coin. Who conquered America? Wasn't it England's convicts? They released them from prison and said to them: Conquer it! They tortured the Indians, the natives of America. That's what happened.

TV host: Exactly.

Samia Zein Al-Abideen: Where was America in 1941? It emerged victorious from WW II. Right?

TV host: Yes.

Samia Zein Al-Abideen:And England was considered a part of the victorious allies.

TV host: Exactly.

Samia Zein Al-Abideen: But then England began to face revolutions, and the English will never forget that the Egyptian army - the Egyptian army! - destroyed the empire "on which the sun never sets." They will never forget what the Egyptian army did to the United Kingdom.


Samia Zein Al-Abideen: Is there any freedom in America or England?

TV host: None whatsoever. And no human rights either.

Samia Zein Al-Abideen: OK, who exported human rights to us?

TV host: They did.

Samia Zein Al-Abideen: I reiterate: you are facing a plot to establish the Jewish state. In order to establish the Jewish state, the entire region must consist of racial mini-states.

TV host: Egypt is the exception.

Samia Zein Al-Abideen: This will not happen in Egypt. The Egyptian people and the Egyptian army will not allow this to happen.


Samia Zein Al-Abideen: Who killed Al-Sadat? America did.

TV host: Of course.


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