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Aug 17, 2023
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Egyptian Journalist Wael Mohammad Soleiman: Jews Have An Opportunistic And Exploitative Mentality; They Exploit Global Crises, Such As The War between Russia and Ukraine

#10478 | 00:47
Source: Channel 2 (Egypt)

Egyptian journalist Wael Mohammad Soleiman said on an August 17, 2023, show on Channel 2 (Egypt) that the Jews have an “opportunistic, pragmatic, and exploitative mentality.” He said that the Jews exploit wars and global crises, such as conflicts in the Middle East and the wars in Iraq and Yemen. In addition, he said that the Jews are exploiting the war in Ukraine to persuade Jews to immigrate to Israel.

Wael Mohammad Soleiman: "We know the nature of Jewish mentality -  it is an opportunistic, pragmatic, and exploitative mentality, in the worst possible way. They exploit wars and global crises - like the internal fighting in some countries, or regional wars like in Iraq or Yemen."

Interviewer: "There is another obvious example, one that caused a political reaction on the highest level – the war between Russia and Ukraine. The Jews have exploited this war to (persuade) Jews to immigrate to Israel... "

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