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Sep 10, 2013
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Egyptian Journalist: 9/11 Planes Remote-Controlled by U.S.; Strike in Syria Will Spell U.S. Collapse

#3989 | 04:23
Source: Channel 1 (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian journalist Samia Zein Al-Abideen, deputy editor of Al-Masaa newspaper, which aired on Egyptian Channel 1 on September 11, 2013.


Samia Zein Al-Abideen: I say to the Egyptian people – and I am certain of every word I say – that 9/11 was a charade by the U.S. to [deceive] the entire world, and first and foremost, the American people.



Let me explain this to our viewers. When we consider the claim that the two pilots who flew these airplanes… First of all, the planes were not hijacked – otherwise they would have been shot down. The two pilots took off from the airport as usual and flew their regular course. But with time, new things are revealed, and the surprising thing that people ought to know, as I've written, is not the fact that over 3,000 Jews did not show up to work that day…



Interviewer: This has generated a controversy…



Samia Zein Al-Abideen: This was noteworthy… On top of that, there was the issue of the cameraman. We are both journalists. All of a sudden, out of the blue, he stood up and prepared the camera. Photoshop… He was waiting for the right moment. He knew that the news item was coming from that direction. Is that logical?!



Interviewer: So you believe that the filming of that event was not a coincidence.



Samia Zein Al-Abideen: Of course not. He was zooming in.






What do our viewers think about this "photoshop" that occurred? The U.S. shed crocodile tears over the victims, in order to force the American people to toe the line with the schemes of the U.S. intelligence agencies and administration.



The Egyptian pilots will understand what I am talking about. The two planes were taken over from the ground by navigational means. Thus, the pilot lost control of the plane. That's what happened.






The U.s. would never have allowed the Pentagon to be hit – especially when it is the U.S. itself that did this and put on this show. The attack on the Twin Towers was no big deal in their view. 3,000 peple may have died, but in return, a higher goal was achieved: the plan to attack Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, and to divide the Middle East.




I say to Obama: Even if this aggression [against Syria] takes place, you and the U.S. will not succeed in bringing the region to its knees – especially not the Egyptian people and army. You are jeopardizing your own existence. I'm confident that this will be the last straw, which will lead to the collapse of the U.S. The time has come for the collapse of that country, which is no more than 300 years old but thinks it is a superpower. It is also high time for the downfall of Obama, who I expect will go to prison soon, because of all the money he has wasted. He did not take this money behind the back of the administration. It was all planned. Bush started it, and Obama continues it. There is no difference between the Democrat and the Republican. They are the two ugly faces of the coin of the administration, which rose on the ruins of the Indians, millions of whom they pulverized. This country loves blood and bloodshed. […] This was the filthy scheme, carried out by filthy American hands, which are soiled with the blood of the nations. The time has come for us, the patriotic and popular forces in Egypt, to address the American people, so that the Americans will know how things are being run. Unfortunately, the American citizen does not know much. […]


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