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Nov 11, 2005
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Egyptian Intellectual Muhammad Ammara: Extremist Feminism Legitimizes Homosexuality

#967 | 02:05
Source: Nile Culture TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an interview held by Egyptian intellectual Dr. Muhammad Ammara, aired on Nile Culture TV on November 11, 2005.

Muhammad Ammara: We all agree on the need for women's liberation. But what model of women's liberation do we want? There is an Islamic model and a Western model. With the Western model - and especially with the radical feminist movements - their extremism becomes a kind of madness. When the raise the issue known as "gender" - the claim that there is one sex, rather than male and female, and that everybody is of the same sex, and there is no difference between male and female - this obliterates the nature of Allah's creation of humans, whom He created as male and female. I say that a normal woman would never be satisfied being masculine, or becoming a man or like a man, just as a normal man would never be happy being effeminate or like a woman. If there was only one six, what would make one side desire the other and try to attain it?

Therefore, I say that the issue of gender issue - the claim that all people are of one sex, men are like women, and women are like men - legitimizes homosexuality. This is what led the people who support the "gender issue" and "unisex," and who claim that there is no difference between male and female, to dream of a world without men - women living with women, and men with men. This legitimizes homosexuality.


This ideology runs counter to human nature, and will not lead to women's liberation, but to women's misery, because if a woman becomes masculine and Spartan - what man would want her?

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