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Aug 04, 2017
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Egyptian Preacher Sayed Ahmad Ali Denies the Holocaust, States: There Can Be No Peace with the Jews

#6226 | 04:03
Source: The Internet - "The Salafi Call in Ismailia on YouTube"

Sheikh Sayed Ahmad Ali: "Oh servants of Allah, our war with the Jews is not over. Some good people seem to think that since the Jews have opened the gates of Jerusalem, and allowed the people to pray [at the Al-Aqsa Mosque], the problem is over. This is the type of contemptible lie we hear all the time. The worst occupation in the world is the occupation of the mind. Their occupation of our minds is worse than their occupation of our land, because they instill in our minds what they want. The Zionist Jews are the very best in this. They are the ones who run the media war, the cultural war, and the economy war all over the world. They control the world, and I will expand on this shortly.


"The Jews have a history of enmity. How can there possibly be peace with the slayers of the prophets? If you are a Muslim, you should read the Quran. Read the Quranic verses about the enmity toward the Jews. Read how they slayed the prophets. Read about their war against Islam. Read how they conspired and schemed to finish off the prophet of Allah and the nation of Islam. Read! The Jews have a history of enmity. They are the enemies of the prophets. Nay, they are the enemies of Allah Himself!


"In 1967, when the Jews invaded five Arab countries, they were chanting: 'Muhammad is dead and has left nothing but girls behind him. Muhammad is dead and has left nothing but girls behind him.' As long as the Jews believe that they have the right [to the land], that they have leadership and sovereignty, and that we beg them for friendship and peace – you might as well kiss the Islamic nation goodbye. But by Allah, by Allah, by Allah, things different from what they scheme shall come to pass, because thus Allah has promised, and this promise is bound to be fulfilled: 'Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Muslims will kill them, and the Jews will hide behind trees and rocks, but the trees and rocks will call: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.' Oh Allah, bring us that day of battle with the Jews. Bring us that day of battle with the Jews!


"They [believe themselves] to be the superior race. Anyone in the world –  no matter how important – is placed on trial if he disparages them. The example of Roger Garaudy is still fresh in our minds. Well, perhaps it is not fresh in your minds, because only a few of you follow the news. He said that the Jewish Holocaust – that story about which they wail day and night, that false story of Hitler burning six million of them... They did not even number six million at the time. They are few in number, to begin with. They say that Hitler burned six million of them, and Garaudy said that this was a lie, with which they had fooled and duped the world. When he said this, they placed him on trial in his own country, in France. The accursed Jews!"

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