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May 08, 2015
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Egyptian Imam Abu Mu'adh Al-Dardiri Extols the Pleasures of Paradise: A Man Will Have 100 Virgins in One Morning

#4973 | 02:01
Source: Online Platforms

In a recent Friday sermon, Imam Abu Mu'adh Al-Dardiri said that out of every 100 dwellers of Hell, 30 are men and 70 are women. Al-Dardiri further said, citing the Prophet Muhammad, that in Paradise, a man will have the strength of a hundred men and will have a hundred virgins in a single morning. The sermon was delivered at Al-Salam Mosque, Giza, on May 8 and was posted on the Internet.

Following are excerpts:

Abu Mu'adh Al-Dardiri: Most of those who will enter the gates of Hell are women. Most of the dwellers of Hell are women. Out of every 100 dwellers of Hell, 30 are men and 70 are women. In other words, for every three men in Hell there are seven women.


The Prophet Muhammad said, with regard to the black-eyed virgins of Paradise: "A man will lie on his back in Paradise for 70 years..." He will enjoy those virgins of Paradise on a regular basis, but at some point, a virgin will come to him, and will slap him on the shoulders. This is a pampering slap, a slap of love. Some men like this. A man likes to be slapped by a woman, as long as it's not on the neck.


The Prophet Muhammad said: "I swear by Allah that a man [in Paradise] will be given the strength of a hundred men, when it comes to lust, pleasure, eating, drinking, and sexual intercourse." A hundred men!

According to the hadith by Zayd Ibn Arqam, quoted in the Musnad of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, the Prophet Muhammad said: "A man [in Paradise] will have a hundred virgins in just one morning." In just one morning. He said: "He will have 100 virgins in just one morning." These are the words of the Prophet Muhammad.


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