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Nov 25, 2016
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Egyptian Human Rights Activist Hany Elsadek Reiterates: I Love Hitler, He Was a Great Man

#5771 | 01:29
Source: The Internet

Egyptian human rights activist Hany Elsadek recently came out in defense of Hitler, saying that what he did was "no worse than what France did in Algeria." In two video-clips that he posted on his social media accounts on October 31 and November 8, Elsadeq, who heads the "Middle East for Rights and Freedoms," said that Hitler got his reputation in the media as an arch-killer "because he exposed the truth about the Jews." Holding up a Arabic-language copy of "Mein Kampf," he claimed that Hitler, "a respectable man who loved his country," had killed only four or five thousand Jews, but that they had inflated the number to six million.

Hany Elsadek: "I'd like to respond to some Israeli websites which published videos of me talking about Hitler. They mock me, calling me an antisemetic, anti-Israel scoundrel. I have one question: Are we obliged to follow what the Jewish media publishes? Must we prove that we are respectful and devout people? They soil Hitler's record. As I've said, Hitler was a great man, who was loved by his people. Therefore, we have the right to present a true image.


"I love Hitler not because we share the same language, customs, or religion. Hitler was a Catholic Christian. But the reason I love Hitler is that he was an honorable man, who exposed you for what you are. You call me a scoundrel just because I talk (about Hitler)?! You are the scoundrels! You call me an idiot? You are the idiots. Because Hitler exposed you, you made him look bad. An animal! The bad one! The murderer! The killer! What about Sharon in Sabra and Shatila? Does he get the Nobel peace prize? You liars! The Arab and Islamic nation throughout the world embraces my campaign to erase the scientific illiteracy of our Arab peoples. Thank you!"

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