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Jun 10, 2017
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Egyptian Historian Mohamed Elhamy Prays to Allah for Further "Islamic Conquests"

#6075 | 00:27
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Concluding an episode of a daily Ramadhan show on Islamic conquests, Egyptian historian Mohamed Elhamy said: "We pray for Allah to restore the banner of Islamic conquests to our nation." The show aired on the Turkey-based Mekameleen TV channel of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and the episode in question, which aired on June 10, was on the conquest of Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Mohamed Elhamy: "We pray for Allah to restore the banner of Islamic conquests to our nation, so that the world may taste the joy of living in the shade of Islam, after having tasted the humiliation of living under other nations."

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