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Oct 23, 2019
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Egyptian Dissident Mohamed Ali Criticizes Military’s Involvement in Egypt’s Economy, Civilian Industries: In Egypt, the Military Owns the People

#7545 | 01:53
Source: BBC Arabic (The UK)

Egyptian dissident political activist Mohamed Ali, who resides in Spain, said in an October 23, 2019 interview on BBC Arabic (U.K.) that Egypt should not be under military rule as it is today and that the role of the military should be limited to protecting the country’s borders. He criticized the Egyptian military’s involvement in the economy and civilian industries and said that the people have no option but to work for the military. Ali said: “Every country in the world owns a military, but only in Egypt, the military owns the people.”


Mohamed Ali: Egypt cannot remain under military rule. I’m not saying that I don’t want the military – I do want it. Every country in the world owns a military, but only in Egypt, the military owns the people, and this cannot be. The military has an important role in the country – protecting its borders is the military’s job. Internal security is the job of the police. What does the military have to do with running the economy? Look, our situation is very clear. Where is the military involved? In all the food sectors, in the work of contractors… It enlists civilians to work under it… These things are known, there is no need to discuss them too much. So what field of work has the military left for the people? The only option is that all the people wake up in the morning and go work for the military. They themselves admit it. They tell people to look at how many contactor companies they manage, and how many I-don’t-know-whats they manage. [They say] the military gave billions to the people, as if the military is giving charity. This is wrong. Where is the government? Where is the state? We always talk about the military – we are sick of this word. Are they trying to do marketing for the military? [They say:] “We make sauce for you, we make food and water for you, we are protecting you.” Do you own the country? The military is a respected body like in America, Scotland, and Canada… They have militaries, but they don’t get involved in fish, shrimp, cheese, and halva… They make handkerchiefs. Oh, please…

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