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May 10, 2017
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Egyptian Cleric Salem Abdel Galil: The Jewish and Christian Faiths Are Corrupt

#6023 | 01:45
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)

On May 11, cleric Salem Abdel Galil, former deputy minister in the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments, said that the faiths in which Jews and Christians believe are "corrupt" and "not a true faith." Following his statements on Mehwar TV and the ensuing public outcry, the Ministry of Endowments banned him from preaching and leading prayers, and he was fired from his position as show host on the TV channel.


Salem Abdel Galil: "Indeed, those who reject the message after their belief, and then increase in disbelief - never will their repentance be accepted, and they are the ones who have gone astray."




"Those who rejected the message after their belief - this may refer to the Jews, to some of the Christians, or... They believed in Jesus and in Moses and then rejected Muhammad. When we talk about Muhammad, people say: 'No, they are alright.' And unfortunately, some people have led them further astray, and said to them: 'You are believers, don't worry.' I swear by Allah that the sheikhs who tell the Christians and the Jews that they are believers have misled them, rather than serve their interests.




"No. Oh Jews and Christians, you are good people, human beings, and we will treat you well. You are our brothers in humanity, but the faith in which you believe is corrupt. Return to your Lord. That is my advice to you. If you do so, that's great. If not, that's also fine. You are our brothers, and we live together in the world, not just in this country. We live together in the world with love, friendship, and peace. We treat you in a good and friendly manner. But as far as your faith is concerned, you should know that it is not a true faith. So don't say: 'Nobody told me that.'"

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