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Jan 24, 2010
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Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hreiz Al-Sharif Complains about Women's Equality in Sports: When a Woman Scored a Goal in Soccer, She Exposed Her Breasts for All to See

#2661 | 02:21
Source: Al-Nas TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hreiz Al-Sharif, which aired on Al-Nas TV on January 24, 2010:


Muhammad Hreiz Al-Sharif: Women today transform into men under the pretext of equality. Pay attention. This is very important. Women want to become equal to men. When a woman becomes equal to a man, she transforms into a man. Men do certain things, and a woman wants to become equal to men, she does thing that are forbidden.

Take the field of sports, for example – soccer, wrestling, body building, and so on. Women have begun to play the role of men in sports.

Interviewer: Some girls have turned to this field.

Muhammad Hreiz Al-Sharif: That’s right. Someone told something peculiar. He saw a woman playing soccer in the World Cup. It is well known that when a man scores a goal, he takes off his jersey.


Interviewer: But they get the red card and are sent off the field.

Muhammad Hreiz Al-Sharif: Red card or not, they take off their jerseys out of joy. When that woman scored a goal, she took off her jersey, and exposed her breasts for all people to see.


During the sexual encounter, there must a remembrance of Allah, so that the heart will be calm and tranquil. Sex requires tranquility and calm, not excitement and pressure. There will be no tension if they say the name of Allah, and pray for Allah to protect them from Satan. If you say a prayer and Allah grants you a child... This is where it all begins.

Sometimes you see a child on the street, and they tell you he’s a real devil. It is because his father smoked two joints, and then had sex with his wife, and God knows what he did or said. So Satan joined him and had sex with her too. It happens.


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