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Aug 19, 2014
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Egyptian-American Writer Magdi Khalil: Hamas Leaders Garner Sympathy over Children's Corpses

#4441 | 03:32
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

In a recent Al-Jazeera TV show, American-Egyptian writer Magdi Khalil criticized Hamas' claim to have the moral high ground, saying: "They garner sympathy over the corpses of children." "We are talking about a group like ISIS," Khalil said in the program, which aired on August 19, 2014. "If you want to die – go and die. Let Khaled Mash'al, Haniya, and Al-Zahhar die. Just don't let the children die."

Following are excerpts:

Magdi Khalil: How many casualties were caused by Hamas missiles that landed in Gaza by mistake? The Hamas missiles that landed in Gaza by mistake caused many more casualties than they caused in Israel.

For example, a missile landed in the Al-Shati refugee camp, killing ten children. Another missile landed on Al-Shifa Hospital, killing four children. They defused an unexploded Israeli missile without knowing the basics of how to do it, and as a result, six people were killed, including an American journalist.


My colleague said that we have won the moral high ground... Is it moral to launch missiles from hospitals, from schools, from bedrooms, from mosques, and from the roof of a church, where thousands of Gazans had found refuge? The church's priest was interviewed on CBN and said: "From the roof of this church, Hamas members are launching missiles at Israel. We welcomed them in our church, but they began launching missiles at Israel from the roof." Is this the moral high ground that my colleague is talking about?!

Is it moral for Hamas leaders to hide in Al-Shifa Hospital, thus risking the lives of regular people? Is this the moral high ground? They are fleeing like rats, hiding behind patients in Gaza hospitals. Is it moral for Hamas leaders to hide behind these patients?

They garner sympathy over the corpses of children. This is part of the strategy of the Islamists. They consider sympathy garnered over the corpses of children to be a victory.


The whole world knows that Hamas does not care about the spirit of humanity. They do not care about the children, about their people, about the losses, about the destruction of their country, or about the number of casualties.

We are talking about a group like ISIS. What kind of honor is it if it is at the expense of children's corpses? You don't know the meaning of life. All you know is the meaning of death. You constitute an enterprise of destruction in the region. You are wreaking destruction in Palestine. You don't know the meaning of life.

Go and die, brother, but don't make others die instead. If you want to die – go and die. Let Khaled Mash'al die. Let Haniya and Al-Zahhar die. Just don't let the children die.


Palestinian activist Ibrahim Hamami: We should clean our own home before we confront the occupation. These people must be eliminated even before the Zionists are eliminated, because they stab us in the back...

Magdi Khalil: Are you threatening to eliminate us, you terrorist?! Are you threatening me, you terrorist?!

TV host Faisal Al-Qassem: Dear viewers, let me just thank both of our guests...


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