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Dec 02, 2020
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Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil: For 70 Years, The Arabs Have Invested In Hatred, While Israel Invested In Becoming Better Than Them; The Future Lies With Peace; The Real Enemies Of The Gulf Countries Are Iran And Turkey

#8508 | 03:39
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

In a December 2, 2020 discussion on Russia Today, Egyptian-American political analyst Magdi Khalil praised peace with Israel and Arab normalization of relations with Israel. He said that the Gulf countries are now considering the interests and the future of their people, and that Israel can be an important ally to the UAE against Turkey and Iran. Khalil described how both Egypt and Jordan benefited from the peace treaties they had signed with Israel, and he elaborated that peace is the natural state between Israel and the Gulf states since Israel has never done anything to stir UAE or Saudi enmity. In addition, Khalil said that many Palestinians seek to turn their cause into a religious struggle and encourage enmity towards the Jews, but that this should be rejected.

Magdi Khalil: "The Arabs need peace. It is in their interest. Normalization [of relations between Arab countries and Israel] is a necessity. Who is it that occupies the islands of the UAE? Israel or Iran? The Gulf countries have freed themselves from a heavy legacy, and have begun to consider the practical interest of their people, and their future in the post-petroleum era, as well as the ways to meet the challenge posed by Iranian and Turkish hostility. They have realized that their boycott of Israel is futile and pointless, and that normalization of their relations with Israel benefits the future of their people and helps them confront their enemies.


"Egypt received from the United States approximately $100 billion in aid, in addition to debt relief, and an American waiver of half the debt. Had Egypt managed its affairs responsibly, the present value [of the aid] from the U.S. alone would have reached $200 billion. Egypt could have become a major economic power with these funds, but it suffers from bad management and corruption, and this is not the fault of either Israel or America. As for Jordan, its regime would have collapsed. If not for its strong relations with the West, the Jordanian regime would have fallen. This regime still receives aid to allow its survival. This should also be considered one of the fruits of peace.


"The casualties of the Arab-Arab wars and the civil wars in the Middle East number a hundred times more than the casualties of all the Arab-Israeli wars combined. The so-called Arab-Israeli conflict has become a local, Palestinian conflict.


"You are asking how the UAE benefits from all of this. The UAE has two big enemies right now – Turkey and Iran. Israel can be a powerful ally in the confrontation with Iran.


"For over 70 years, the Arabs have been investing in hatred towards Israel, while Israeli has been successfully investing in becoming superior to the Arabs.


"The people heed their leaders. We saw the cheering in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for the normalization. They used to call the Jews infidels and [sons of ] apes and pigs, but not the popular mood has changed because of the rulers. The rulers can change the people because the people heed their rulers.


"Peace is the normal state of affairs, while hostility is abnormal. Why would the UAE be hostile to Israel? What has Israel ever done to the UAE? Why would Saudi Arabia be hostile to Israel? Unless you want to turn this into religious enmity and religious legacy... This is what many Palestinians seek. They want to turn the Palestinian cause into a case of religious enmity with the Jews. The reasonable people around the world reject this."


Interviewer: "Will the list of countries normalizing [their relations] with Israel expand?"

Khalil: "Yes! The future lies with peace, not with enmity, war, and hatred. The future does not lie with the racist discourse, where people pounce on you for taking a picture with a Jew. The future lies with peace, development, and economic cooperation."

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