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Jul 10, 2021
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Egyptian Journalist Hassan Badie: It Is High Time For Military Action Against Ethiopia; Egypt Must Put The Renaissance Dam Out Of Service; Ethiopia Is A Puppet Of The Barbaric West, Which Seeks To Harm Egypt, Arabs

#8975 | 02:13
Source: Al-Ikhbariya TV (Syria)

Egyptian journalist Hassan Badie said that it is high time for "deterrent military action" against Ethiopia. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Ikhbariya TV (Syria) on July 10, 2021. Badie said that any solution that will put the Renaissance Dam out of servic, would be "acceptable," even if it has repercussions for Egypt and Sudan, because this will still be less dangerous than depriving the Arabs in Egypt and Sudan of their right to water. He said that the "barbarian" West is attacking Egypt and the Arabs via its "puppet" Ethiopia, and that Egypt is "in a real confrontation with NATO and the Americans." Badie went on to say that reaching an agreement over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is now out of the question and that the world only understands force.

Hassan Badie: "It is high time for a deterrent military action, because we have reached an irrational stage of procrastination. Reaching any kind of agreement right now is out of the question. Therefore, the Egyptians – and I believe that Arabs as a whole – are in consensus, the scheme is obvious. The barbarian West – pardon me for using such language – has been hostile towards us for many centuries, and from time to time it renews its attacks against us – either directly, or through puppets and collaborators, like Ethiopia. The fact of the matter is that we are in a real confrontation with NATO and the Americans, as well as with their puppets in the region, like Turkey and Ethiopia."

Interviewer: "Should the solution be a military one? What would be the repercussions for Egypt?"

Badie: "Any solution that would put the [Renaissance] Dam out of service is acceptable, be it a military solution, or a non-military solution."

Interviewer: "Wouldn't this affect Egypt and Sudan?"

Badie: "So be it. Any repercussion..."

Interviewer: "You see it as the lesser evil then..."

Badie: "Any repercussion would not be as dangerous as depriving the Arabs in Egypt and Sudan of their right to life and their right to water. This will never happen! On the contrary. When you are strong and you create facts on the ground, the world will respect you, and it will be forced to negotiate with you while you are in a position of strength. The world respects only force, and we are now in a war for life and death, a war for our very existence."

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