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Jan 24, 2020
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Egyptian Historian Mohammad Al-Shafi’i: The Jews Profited Most from the Holocaust; Extorted International Community for Reparations

#7761 | 01:46
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

In an interview with Russia Today TV, Egyptian historian Mohammad Al-Shafi’i said that it was the Jews who benefited the most from World War II. He added that “what happened to the Jews happened to others - the massacres and gas chambers, and so on.” Al-Shafi’i said that the Jews used the Holocaust to “extort the international community in the most extreme way.” Al-Shafi’i stated that the World Holocaust Forum held in Jerusalem on January 23, 2020, which was attended by many world leaders, was undoubtedly a success in defense of the cause of the “Hebrew state”- reparations. He added that many other countries were also harmed by the war but they did not receive booty nor did they profit like the Jews did. The interview aired on January 24, 2020.

Mohammad Al-Shafi’i: In my opinion, the Jews may be the ones who profited the most from the results of World War II. Many parties conspired to establish the Hebrew state on the land of Palestine. The Jews took World War II… What happened to the Jews happened to others – massacres, gas chambers, and so on… They used it to extort the international community in the most extreme way. They had amazing success in this with Germany. Despite their current dispute with Poland over the issue of compensation, the big event that took place in Jerusalem yesterday, which was attended by many heads of state, was undoubtedly a success for the Hebrew state in gathering all these international figures, and in defending their cause, to which they still adhere. [They claim] that they deserve reparations for their extreme suffering during WWII. Dozens of other countries were also harmed by the war, but they did not get booty and profit like the Jews did.

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