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Dec 08, 2023
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Egyptian Author Khaled Al-Berry: Nobody In The World Can Sympathize With Hamas's October 7 Attack; We Must Not Let Such Movements And Militias Control Our Future

#10722 | 03:03
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

Egyptian author Khaled Al-Berry said on a December 8, 2023 show on MBC TV (Saudi Arabia) that the Arabs have been repeating the same mistake during the span of one generation, Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, Nasrallah's operation that led to the July 2006 war with Israel, and the Hamas attack on October 7. He added that no person in the world can sympathize with the Hamas attack on October 7. Al-Berry asked how long the Arab world can allow militias to lead the Arab world, and he said that this is like letting the tail wag the dog. He said that the Arabs shouldn't blame anyone else when their situation deteriorates year after year. Al-Berry continued to say that if the same war were waged 500 years ago, Israel would have devoured Palestine, but international law is keeping it back. He added that international law benefits the weak.

Khaled Al-Berry: "Would a rational human being repeat the same mistake time and again in the same generation? It started with Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, continued with Hassan Nasrallah's decision to carry out an attack across the Israeli border, five or six years after the Israeli withdrawal, and bring a catastrophe upon Lebanon.

"And now again, Hamas carried out an attack that nobody in the world... Forget about our region, but no person in the world... I admit that I myself was shocked to see what was happening. No person in the world can sympathize with Hamas over such an attack.

"How long will we allow... There is an American idiom saying that 'the tail is wagging the dog.' When we let such movements, militias, and individuals decide for us which way we should go, we should not blame others when our situation deteriorates year after year. We must take a rational position, and take the initiative, and not only react all the time. We must say: Enough! This is no way of running things.


"Can we rely on the world's good manners, and trust the world to act with wisdom, while we ourselves are doing everything we can to provoke our neighbors? These are not minor questions. These issues are slowly wasting our lives, and eventually we will find out that with the passing of generations, our life has become worse rather than better.


"Imagine that the war, or conflict, between Israel and Hamas took place 500 years ago, with the same balance of power, Israel would have devoured the Palestinian land, and that would have been the end of it.


"But now, Israel cannot do this. Why? Because of international law. People are sometimes so pessimistic that they lose their rational thinking. The truth is that international law benefits the weak. It is international law that kept the Palestinian cause alive."

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