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Oct 15, 2023
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Dr. Mahmood Ibrahim, Professor Emeritus At Cal Poly Pomona, One Week After October 7 Massacres: Graham, Rubio, And Haley Called Us Savages, Rapists, And Baby Killers When None Of It Was Verified

#10994 | 03:09
Source: Online Platforms - "ICSC on YouTube"

On October 15, 2023, on the week after the October 7 Hamas massacres in southern Israel, the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) livestreamed on its YouTube channel a panel titled "Voices on Palestine/Israel." Dr. Mahmood Ibrahim, professor emeritus at Cal Poly Pomona, said that the assertions by some American politicians about Palestinian rapists and baby killers are "not verified." He said that the Israelis refer to attacking Gaza every few years as "mowing the lawn," and he predicted that a genocide will take place in Gaza, but that this will result in the Gazan resistance only growing stronger. He also said that the claims that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al-Husseini was a Nazi collaborator were just a Zionist "smear campaign" just like all the other smear campaigns that assert that people are antisemitic.

Dr. Mahmood Ibrahim: "We have to put them on the spot. When they support genocide, like Lindsay Graham, like Nikki Haley, or like Marco Rubio, calling us savages, calling us barbaric, calling us rapists, calling us baby killers, when in fact all of this was not verified. They have the President of the United States lie on TV, and the they walk back their comment and say, 'Oh, it's cannot be verified.' But the damage has been done, and this false idea continues to be carried on by the news media.

"So, they talk about any relation, they talk about annihilation, they talk about wiping them out, they talk about leveling the place, that is genocide. We are going to be witness to genocide.


"The Israelis call this process of attacking Gaza every so couple of years or so, 'mowing the lawn'. They mow the lawn. Now, 70% of the population of Gaza is young kids... Because they keep mowing the lawn, and this is the new drug. The more you mow the lawn, the greener it comes, the stiffer it gets, the more it will grow, the more resistant to your bombing it will become.


"The Holocaust, it is not a Palestinian responsibility. It is a European responsibility, and the Europeans have the guilt of the slaughter that has been perpetrated during World War Two. Regardless of how many tried... The Israelis tried, actually, to prove the Palestinians... That [Jerusalem] Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husayni was a Nazi, a supporter of the Nazis.

"And many other Zionists try to smear the Palestinians. Once again, the smear campaign – I'm familiar with it from academia. They say, 'he or she is antisemitic.' And after further investigation, thousands of dollars by the university investigating that claim, and they find that it is bunk, a junk accusation. They do that all the time."

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