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Feb 18, 2023
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Iranian Regime Shoots Hundreds Of Donkeys Used By Residents Of Sistan And Baluchistan For Fuel Trade Across Pakistan Border

#10125 | 01:49
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Iranian online sources"

On February 18, 2023, several videos depicting the remains of donkeys which were put to death by the Iranian regime on February 14 were posted on Twitter. According to a Tweet by Mohsen Berkhaneh, the Iranian regime killed the donkeys under the pretext that they were used to smuggle drugs into Baluchistan. The video he posted includes an inscription in Persian, stating: "According to human rights campaign in Baluchistan, the IRGC, under the pretense of stopping fuel smuggling, have shot and killed hundreds of donkeys belonging to the bordering town of Kalah Gan, Baluchistan." @Haalvsh, the Twitter handle of a local Sistan and Baluchistan media group, also posted video footage of the carnage. According to online sources, up to 800 donkeys were shot by the regime in an attempt to hinder the fuel trade between residents of Baluchistan and Pakistan, and a similar event took place in December 2021.

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