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Apr 06, 2022
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WARNING — GRAPHIC: Scenes From Shanghai COVID Lockdowns: Seniors Commit Suicide, Elderly Man Sent To Be Cremated Alive

#9539 | 08:42
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Twitter accounts"

This clip is a compilation of videos showing the "Zero-COVID" lockdowns in Shanghai, China. The videos, recorded by anonymous Chinese citizens, were posted on various Twitter accounts between April 6 and May 1, 2022. The videos show Shanghai residents being tested for COVID-19 inside a cage, an elderly man who hanged himself on a tree after being denied care for a painful condition, a French-speaking foreigner being subdued by authorities as he shouts "I want to die!", an elderly diabetic woman who committed suicide by jumping off a building after being denied insulin, an elderly man who was put into a body bag while still alive and sent to a funeral home for cremation, and an old woman who hanged herself in her apartment.

Man 1: "Unit 21 I Building No.19, get ready."

Man 2: "Wait a minute, come down after the next one finishes and goes back in."


Man 1: "Can you check and see if he is still breathing?"


Man 1: "When you come to China, you must abide by the laws and regulations here, you know?"

Man 2: "I want to die. You help me die. I want to die!"

Man 3: "Someone will come to solve the problem, you should not be impulsive!"


On screen text: "An elderly Shanghai woman committed suicide by jumping off a building because she was unable to receive insulin injections during lockdown."

Man 1: "Have you called 120?"

Man 2: "Yes"

Man 1: "It has been half an hour already. Almost. Now nothing is being taken care of due to the pandemic. 110, 120, half an hour has gone by without seeing them. What the hell is going on right now?!"


Man 1: "Still alive! Did you see that? Alive!"

Man 2: "Don't cover him again."

Man 1: "Did he test positive?"

Man 3: "Move away from him!"

Man 4: "The welfare institute put a live person in a hearse, saying he was dead. But the two funeral home staffers said he wasn't dead, still moving."

Man 5: "Really! What on earth?!"

Man 4: "Calling a living person 'dead.' Put in on, then took it down. It didn't look right to me, how can they put a person who is not dead in a hearse? They are discussing now. What to do? Take him down! What to do? This is immoral! To call the funeral home to take away a living person in a hearse! Irresponsible! Really irresponsible!"


Man 1: "This old lady lives alone at the home. She didn't answer the door and phone calls. We don't know what the situation is. We informed the Public Security and we will unlock the door. The lock was opened. The door is open now. Let's take a look. Alas, she hanged herself. The elderly took things too hard."

Man 2: "She hanged herself."

Man 3: "What happened to the old lady?"

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