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May 06, 2004
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A Discussion about Women's Liberation and Female Suicide Bombings

#58 | 35
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)

The UAE religious TV channel, Al-Majd, hosted a debate about women's rights in Islam, in which Yousuf Al-Badri, Head of the Islamic Research Department at the University of Karachi and Najad Bar'i, member of the Association for the Development of Democracy participated. Following are excerpts from the debate:

Najad Al-Bar'i: Women's liberation in Palestine produced women carrying out martyrdom (i.e. suicide) operations, women who go kill themselves. Had we locked the women at home, we would not be witness to these role models, women who blow themselves up just like the men. Is it better to leave them at home, for fun and entertainment?

Sheikh Yousuf Al-Badri: Who said such a thing?

Al-Bar’i: You said it just now.

Al-Badri: Me?

Al-Bar’i: Do you support women leaving the house, yes or no?

Al-Bar’i: They carry out martyrdom operations. Would they also work among men?

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