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Jul 29, 2004
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Deputy Palestinian Foreign Minister: Palestinians Are Holocaust Victims. Europe Should Protect Us Like It Protected Anne Frank

#177 | 02:09
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Deputy Palestinian Foreign Minister, Abdalla Abdalla was speaking on Al-Alam TV, the Iranian station directed at the Arab world and talked about the Holocaust. The following are excerpts:

Host: How can we talk about differences of opinions between Israel and Europe when, if we go back for a moment? Who laid the foundations and supplied the political and material means to establish the so-called State of Israel?

Abdallah: Europe indeed played a large part in this. The purpose of this position was so-called "atonement" , for the massacres of the Jews during the Holocaust. Nevertheless, Europe has begun to realize that while the Jews suffered from the massacres, from the detention camps, and from the wall built around their community in Warsaw, Israel is implementing the same policy it suffered from.

This policy was the reason Europe stood beside Israel and now Israel is implementing this policy against the Palestinian people. A Europe, which honors its positions, ideals, and morals cannot support Israel.

A Europe that protected Anne Frank in the Netherlands and also protected hundreds and thousands of Jews... Europe should be credited for protecting Jews whom the Nazis wanted to send to the Holocaust. Europe cannot renounce its history and refrain from taking the same position.

We, in Palestine, are Holocaust victims. We are victims of the Holocaust. The Jews in Europe sacrificed lives, but we sacrificed lives, and property, and even the homeland.

Israel was established because of what happened to the Jews in Europe. When we received the Jews in our homeland, we received them as a group seeking refuge and a place to live, not as a group seeking a homeland to take and steal from us.

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