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Aug 03, 2021
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Heated TV Debate Over Iraq-Kuwait Relations – Iraqi Analyst Abd Al-Amir Tariq: The West And Zionists Used Kuwait As A Bridgehead To Destroy Iraq; Kuwaiti Analyst Abd Al-Manna: It Was The Ba'ath Party, Saddam Who Destroyed Iraq – The Iraqis And Kuwaitis Are Brothers

#9022 | 02:50
Source: Dijlah TV (Iraq)

In a heated TV debate over Iraq and Kuwaiti's relations in light of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Iraqi political analyst Abd Al-Tamir Tariq said that the West and the Zionist used Kuwait as a bridgehead to destroy Iraq. In response, Kuwaiti political analyst Abd Al-Manna said that it was the Ba'ath Party, which was led by Saddam Hussein, that destroyed Iraq. He said that Saddam led the Purge of the Ba'ath Party in 1979, then he waged the Iran-Iraq war, and afterwards led the invasion of Kuwait. Al-Manna asked: "Were we supposed to just let him do as he pleased?" He continued to say that Kuwait was invaded by the fascist tyrannical and cruel regime of Saddam, while the Iraqi and Kuwaiti people are brothers, "one family." Al-Manna added that the Ba'ath party's time has passed and will never come back. He concluded: "We stand by the Americans, the West, and anyone who offers us protection. We are rational, not crazy like you and your fascist cronies." The debate was aired on Dijlah TV (Iraq) on August 3, 2021.

Abd Al-Tamir Tariq: "We stand by the Kuwaiti people and we said that a mistake was made. However, they need to know..."

Ayed Al-Manna: "You do not stand by the Kuwaiti people. You stand by Saddam and his gang."

Al-Tamir: "The Kuwaitis do not know that the West and the Zionists used them as bridgehead to destroy Iraq.


"Iraq was occupied [in 2003]. Because of the suffering that the Iraqis had to endure as a result of the embargo, more than one million people died, and the health situation deteriorated. After the occupation [of Iraq], all the countries agreed to exempt Iraq from its debts. Kuwait is the only country that still holds on to this debt."


Al-Manna: "We are an independent sovereign state that was invaded by our fascist, tyrannical, and cruel regime, which was hostile towards Iraq and towards the entire Arab nation. It was the Ba'ath regime, headed by Saddam, that committed a crime against Iraq."

Al-Tamir: "The things you say describe you and your government..."

Al-Manna: "Listen to what I am saying! Listen to what I am saying! [Saddam] killed the leaders of Iraq in the [1979] Ba'ath Party purge... Listen! Listen then he started [a war] with Iran, and did not end it until he squeezed the life out of everybody. If not for us, he would have never ended it. Okay? And then he invaded Kuwait and occupied it. Are you crazy or what? Were we supposed to just let him do as he pleased? The Kuwaitis and the Iraqis are brothers, we are one family, and we have our whole future ahead of us, inshallah. As for you, the Ba'ath party, go and find another place for yourselves. Your time has passed and will never come back."


Al-Tamir: "You were exploited for the purpose of occupying Iraq."

Al-Manna: "Go [and complain] to the international community...

Al-Tamir: "Why did they pass through here in order to occupy Iraq? If you had behaved like the rest of the world, no one would have come to occupy you."

Al-Manna: "You behaved like a crazy person, hitting left, right, and center, so they came and hit you on the head. You were such 'heroes' at Kuwait's expense, but you weren't such big heroes when you faced the Americans. You surrendered very quickly. Where was your heroism back then?


"We stand by the Americans, by the West, and by anyone who offers us protection. We are rational, not crazy like you and your fascist cronies at the Ba'ath Party."

Al-Tamir: "Stay with the West and with the Zionists, you have my blessing."

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