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Dec 30, 2004
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D.C. Newspaper Editor Ahmad Yousuf: Israel is Behind 9/11 Like the U.S. Was Behind Pearl Harbor

#449 | 02:46
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Ahmad Yousuf, editor-in-chief of the Washington, D.C.-based Middle East Magazine:

Yusuf:These events [9/11] were preceded by very detailed planning, conducted by strategists who wove the strands of this plot. Some people were probably recruited, and, as has been pointed out by a certain Western intellectual, Israel excels at espionage within the U.S., and is capable of disguising many operations as Islamic. In other words, Israel is capable of penetrating certain Islamic circles, of directing and running them behind the scenes, so that they will conduct operations from which Israel benefits. Anyone who considers the events of 9/11 cannot say that the Muslims gained anything. There's another dimension, which some people may have noticed. No one could have captured the pictures [of the attacks] so perfectly except for the cameras in the hands of several Mossad agents, who were near the scene of events and succeeded in filming the scene so that it will always serve Zionism to remind the world of the Arabs' and Muslims' crimes against America. These pictures were filmed very expertly so that they would be a constant reminder to America and the Western world that Islamic terrorism is a threat to their culture, their ideals, and their values.

Host: Regardless of who the perpetrators were…

Yusuf: Today, there is much evidence casting doubt on the ability of these Muslims, with their meager means, to carry out such an operation, and there are others… Who profited from this operation more than the Zionist movement? Since the end of the Cold War, Israel has been trying to attain a position that would allow it to direct American policy, because Israel found it impossible to confront the Islamic enterprise and the Islamic resistance. Therefore, it had to drag America into the region. This was the grand scheme – and American right-wing forces may have participated in it, and Evangelical Christians agreed to it. All of them agreed that this scheme should be carried out in this way in order to push America into war.

We are told by many Americans that even Pearl Harbor… In order to bring America into the war… There is much talk about a plot that was hatched to bring about the attack on Pearl Harbor, so that the U.S. could justify entering this war and so that it would be easy to convince the American people to pay the billions of dollars and sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives – to wage this war, so that some U.S. corporations and individuals will protect their interests, in this war with Japan and Germany.

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