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Aug 26, 2023
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Nashat Al-Wahidi, Coordinator Of Palestinian National Campaign To Retrieve The Bodies Of Martyrs: Israel Steals Martyrs' Organs, Transplants Them Into Soldiers, Settlers

#10457 | 02:03
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Nashat Al-Wahidi, the Coordinator of the Palestinian National Campaign to Retrieve the Bodies of Martyrs, said on an August 26, 2023 show on Palestine TV that Israel steals organs from Palestinian "martyrs" and transplants them in the bodies of soldiers, settlers, and other Israeli patients. He said that the fact that Israel claims that several bodies of Palestinian "martyrs" have disappeared proves this.

Host: "I am talking about the theft of organs, ever since the occupation state established the Skin Bank in 1985. They steal the skin of the martyrs, and use it on the soldiers of the occupation who are wounded in the wars, or on [regular] citizens..."

Nashat Al-Wahidi: "They use it on settlers."

Host: "This is done with corneas as well. [Israeli anthropologist] Meira Weiss and the Swedish journalist exposed this."

Al-Wahidi: "This [organ] theft is true. What proves this is that as we mentioned, the martyrs Bilal Ghanem, Khader Tarazi, and many other martyrs had their organs stolen. This is proven by the occupying state's claim that a number of bodies disappeared."

Host: "I remember that when the bodies of some martyrs were returned, we noticed that some of them had been dissected. Does this mean that their organs had been harvested?"

Al-Wahidi: "The organs of several bodies were harvested – corneas, retinas, and so on – and they were transplanted into the bodies of Israeli soldiers, settlers, or Israeli patients. As I said, the occupying state claims that some bodies disappeared. Where did they go?"

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