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Nov 19, 2023
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Chinese Video: With The U.S. Distracted By Ukraine And The Middle East, This May Be China's Opportunity For Taiwan Reunification

#10657 | 02:01
Source: Online Platforms - "china.com on Kuwaishou"

On November 19, 2023, china.com published on its Kuaishou account a video in which the presenter said that the United States' preoccupation with resolving crises in the Middle East and Ukraine could potentially "ease China's strategic pressure" by reducing the amount of energy the U.S. is investing in the Asia-Pacific region. He said that this could in turn provide China with a strategic opportunity to address the issue of "reunification" with Taiwan. He also said that the recent establishment of the first Taiwan-related Maritime Dispute Resolution Center in Xiamen is an example of China "further tightening its control over the Taiwan Strait."

Presenter: "Netanyahu's statements are also a reminder of Israel's importance to the U.S. and the West, and an urge for the United States to withstand international pressure. This will inevitably lead the United States to devote more effort to helping Israel, giving China an opportunity. Why is this? Firstly, it is beneficial for China's layout in the Middle East. The reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran has increased the Arab world's trust in China. Against the backdrop of the current Middle Eastern chaos, China can leverage this trust to play a role in the current Israel-Palestine conflict, further weakening the United States' strength in the Middle East.

"Secondly, Israel is a concern that the United States cannot ignore. Aircraft carriers and warships have already proved Israel's importance. Now, with Israel provoking widespread anger, the United States will have to clean up after it, which will to some extent ease China's strategic pressure, reduce the United States' energy in the Asia-Pacific region, and allow China to further deal with its 'domestic affairs.' In other words, China is facing a strategic opportunity. China can take this opportunity to vigorously develop relationships with friendly countries and start addressing the Taiwan issue.

"Many Chinese netizens also pointed out during the Israel-Palestine conflict that now is the best time for China to complete the great cause of reunification, and actions to incorporate Taiwan should be initiated immediately. The mainland has not missed this opportunity and is further tightening its control over the Taiwan Strait. According to Xinhua News Agency, recently, Xiamen in Fujian established the first Taiwan-related Maritime Dispute Resolution Center, focusing on maritime traffic accidents, performance of various maritime contracts, port construction work, and other new Taiwan-related business disputes, providing 'one-stop' legal services for Taiwan compatriots and enterprises. Therefore, we will just sit back, wait and see what happens, and wait for more actions from the mainland."

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