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Dec 25, 2023
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Chinese Military Expert Xiao Yunhua On Houthis' Red Sea Aggression: China's National Fortune Has Arrived; This Is The Beginning Of The Shift To A Multipolar Future After America's Hegemony Collapses

#10814 | 04:08
Source: Online Platforms - "Chinese Military Expert Xiao Yunhua on YouTube"

On December 25, 2023, Chinese military expert Professor Xiao Yunhua, who is a member of the faculty at the prestigious People's Liberation Army National Defense University, shared on his YouTube channel a video in which he referred to the recent Houthi attacks on Western vessels in the Red Sea as "sparks" that signal a transition towards a "multipolar future" free of American "hegemony." He said that China's "national fortune" has arrived, and he predicted that the United States will struggle to effectively counter the "global anti-Israel organizations" involved in the situation. In addition, he predicted that the increasing frequency of these attacks will boost the significance of land transportation, aligning seamlessly with China's Belt and Road Initiative, and he asserted that this will further erode America's maritime dominance.

Xiao Yunhua: "The national fortune has arrived, and nothing can stop it. The Indian Ocean route is also in trouble. Hello, everyone, I am Xiao Yunhua. In recent days, the Houthi militants announced the blockade of ships from Israel and Western countries in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which has had a significant impact on global shipping.

"A few days ago, we dedicated two episodes to discussing this issue. However, the situation has not calmed down, but has become more serious. According to Reuters and the Indian media Asian News International, an Israeli cruise ship bound for India experienced an 'Indian Ocean nightmare' when it was attacked by an unidentified drone on the west coast of India and an explosion caused a major fire.

"This attack was the first to occur in a region far from the Red Sea since the 'Red Sea incident,' signifying the official start of actions by global anti-Israel organizations. In the coming period, Israeli commercial ships and freighters, apart from Europe and North America, will find it difficult to secure a safe route.  What's more delicate is that no organization or country has claimed responsibility for this incident. Such attacks that could happen at any time are destined to further undermine Israel's maritime trade. In the United States, it is suspected that Iran is responsible. However, geographically speaking, for Iran to reach the west coast of India is quite a distance, unless the route is through Pakistan. But Pakistan's relationship with Iran is not as friendly as it used to be, and they may not allow Iranian armed groups to enter.

"As for Israel, some analysis organizations and media believe that the geographical location of the incident makes it unlikely to be initiated by the Houthi militants in Yemen.

"In fact, as we mentioned in one of our previous episodes, the United States talked about organizing a ten-country coalition force to escort ships in the Red Sea, but it is highly likely to end up as a futile effort. Recently, France, Spain and Italy have announced their withdrawal from this organization, confirming our initial predictions. As American and Western reactions are exposed, it is clear that the weaknesses of these old imperialist powers will further stimulate ambitious and purposeful organizations or countries to come forward to cause trouble.

"If the United States cannot handle the Houthi militants, it may also struggle with some of the organizations or countries in other complex regions. The attack on this Israeli ship on the west coast of India symbolizes the resurgence of anti-American forces in the Middle East and punctures the military myths of the U.S., Western countries, and Israel. As the situation develops further, Israeli ships may face threats in all major shipping lanes. Over the past few decades, Israel has offended too many Arab countries, and it may have to pay a price frequently in the coming period.

"Just as the Houthi militants initially targeted only Israel in the Red Sea but have now expanded to the entire West, future attacks on major shipping routes are likely to expand. This will inevitably affect the global trade network's situation and development trends. For China, we haven't done anything, yet our country's fortune has arrived. Why do I say this? Although the maritime trade issues may also affect our country's exports, overall, the decline of maritime power and the rise of land power will align perfectly with our 'Belt and Road Initiative' and the development strategy of the China-Europe railway. It is also destined to further weaken the influence and dominance of America's maritime hegemony.

"Now, the numerous conflicts at sea will become 'sparks' for the world's transition to a multipolar future after the collapse of this 'hegemony.'"

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