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Nov 08, 2020
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Recruitment Video For Chinese Air Force Features Cultural Icons, Calls On Audience To 'Dream In The Sky': The Future Is In Your Hands

#8470 | 01:19
Source: The Internet - "China News Service "

On November 8, 2020, China News Service published an official recruitment video for the Chinese Air Force. The video, which had guest appearances by Chinese singer Jackson Yee and martial artist Wu Jing, called on the audience to "dream in the sky" and to defend Chinese national sovereignty and interests. The video, which had captions in Chinese and in English, showcased fighter jets, military life, and comradery between pilots.

Narrator: "I call to the future. I've asked myself countless times: Where is my future? The brave ones are fearless. The future is inviting you to join. Dream in the sky. Defend national sovereignty, safeguard national interests."

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