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Aug 02, 2023
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In First Episode Of CCP-Produced TV Series Depicting War Scenario Involving Taiwan, PLA Aircraft Carrier Intercepts 'Enemy' Aircraft, Soldiers Carry Out Major Amphibious Assault

#10484 | 06:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Military Fans World YouTube channel"

On August 2, 2023, the Military Fans World YouTube channel shared the first episode of a new TV series produced by CCP-linked TV outlets called "Chasing Dreams," which is about a war scenario involving Taiwan. This clip contains excerpts from the episode, which is 16 minutes long. The show unveils previously unreleased footage of the PLA's military hardware and integrated warfare strategies. The first episode provides viewers with an exclusive look at the Shandong aircraft carrier group in the Taiwan Strait, which during a patrolling mission launches two J-15 fighter jets to intercept a pair of unidentified "enemy" aircraft. Later in the episode, a major amphibious assault involving infantry forces, aerial assets, and naval gunships is depicted.

Onscreen text: "Episode 1 – An Expedition Full of Glory and Dreams. In the year 2023, the Chinese Navy's Shandong aircraft carrier battle group passed through the Taiwan Strait."

Naval officer 1: "Air-to-air configuration, four J-15 aircraft, Level 2 to Level 1. Air-to-air configuration, four J-15 aircraft, Level 2 to Level 1."

Narrator: "Chairman Xi pointed out: 'The dream of a strong military is the dream of the nation, the dream of the armed forces, and the dream of every officer and soldier.' 'The new journey is an expedition full of glory and dreams.'"

Naval officer 2: "Starboard 15, course 046."

Narrator: "Every generation of pilots has their own mission, and we have caught up with a good era. Embarking on the journey of chasing dreams of building a stronger military, we have a promise with the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the military. We aim to create new and greater glory."

Naval officer 1: "Formation Command order: proceed immediately to the designated airspace, investigate the 'enemy situation.'"

Naval officer 3: "Steady on course and speed."

Naval officer 4: "Takeoff from position 3 is authorized."

Naval officer 5: "You are clear for takeoff."

Narrator: "Every takeoff is a combat takeoff, ready for battle at any time. We have already set out towards this deep blue, and on this new journey, the flight path of our striving will lead us to a broader expanse of sea and sky."

AI System: "Radar interception. Electro-optical interception."

Naval officer 6: "Launch!"

Pilot 1: "Flanking attack on both targets."

Pilot 2: "I fired one."

Pilot 1: "I fired two."

Pilot 2: "Roger that."


Narrator: "In calm conditions, our true skills cannot be tested. The rougher the seas, the stronger our fighting spirit becomes. Over the years, I've seen many storms.

Drill sergeant: "Are the above tasks clear?"

Soldiers: "Clear!"

Drill Sergeant: "All vehicles board!"

Narrator: "But I've never forgotten the wish I had the first time I saw the sea here. I want to take a lot at what's on the other side of the Strait."

Onscreen text: "After the 20th Party Congress, the brigade realized several breakthroughs: simultaneous full-float loading of multiple shits; innovative organization of 'bow and stern synchronized flooding' for landing ships."

Narrator: "The phrase 'take a look' is easy to say but hard to execute, the key is whether you truly possess the capability. Nowadays, our loading and unloading speed is getting faster, and the time to seize beaches is getting shorter."

Speaker: "It's about 'joint,' and joint command is very important."

Narrator: "We have shifted more naval training grounds and studied more tactics and training methods for in-depth combat. Army brigade-level units, together with the Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force, and Strategic Support Force, conduct joint command across multiple military branches simultaneously. Before this round of national defense and military reforms, it was unimaginable. Command coordination, from planning to on-the-spot adjustments, expands the battlefield from two-dimensional to multi-dimensional. System-based warfare poses an all-around challenge to commanders."

Soldier: "Launch!"


Narrator: "We have forged ahead through the waves and pursued the tide of our dreams, becoming the main amphibious assault force of the army group."

Speaker: "Second Platoon, charge deep! Execute!"

Soldier: "Advance quickly!"

Narrator: "Year after year, facing the vast ocean, how does it feel? I would say, it still feels like the first time I saw the sea. Facing the wind, battling the waves, always ready for that very moment."

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