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Dec 17, 2021
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Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada: Congratulating People on Christmas Is Like Congratulating Murderers and Pedophiles; It Is a Major Sin

#9256 | 01:40
Source: Online Platforms - "Muslim Youth Victoria on YouTube"

In a Friday, December 17, 2021 sermon at Muslim Youth Victoria, Canadian Sheikh Younus Kathrada discussed congratulating non-Muslims on their festivals during the Christmas season. Sheikh Kathrada said to his audience that since they would not congratulate fornicators, murderers, or pedophiles, they must also not congratulate people who are insulting Allah by celebrating Christmas. Sheikh Kathrada then prayed for Allah to humiliate the infidels, to annihilate the atheists, to destroy the enemies of Islam, and to support those who wage Jihad. Sheikh Kathrada’s sermon was uploaded to Muslim Youth Victoria’s YouTube channel on December 19, 2021. For more about Sheikh Younus Kathrada, including similar remarks about Christmas, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9050, 8878, 8409, 8289, 8003, 7896, 7534, 7098, 6950, and 6906.

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