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Nov 10, 2023
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California Islamic Scholar, Adjunct Prof. At UC Irvine, Osman Umarji: Zionists Are Blood-Thirsty Animals; Like 9/11, The Gaza War Is An Attempt By Allah To Waken The Muslims' Spirit; The World Is Losing Confidence In Western Values And Gaining Confidence In Those Of Islam

#10639 | 03:27
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Center in Irvine on YouTube"

California Islamic scholar and adjunct professor of education at UC Irvine Osman Umarji said in a November 10, 2023 Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Irvine, CA that Israel is a "disgusting and vile entity." He described the souls of the people who died in Gaza enjoying the rewards of Paradise. Umarji referenced a hadith according to which the martyrs wish to return to this world in order to be killed again for the sake of Allah. He said that Israeli PM Netanyahu and U.S. President Biden are laughing and plotting to murder Muslims around the world now, but they will burn in the Hellfire. Umarji said that Zionists have been exposed as "blood-thirsty animals," and that Allah has now given the Muslims the chance to wake up their souls, just like during 9/11 or the Second Intifada. Umarji said: "Inshallah, this will be the tipping point as the worlds begins to lose confidence in Western values and begins to gain confidence in the values of Islam." The sermon was streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Islamic Center in Irvine.

Osman Umarji: "Over the past month, the atrocities that have been committed by the IDF, and by Netanyahu and his regime, show to the world how inhuman and brutal, and how disgusting and vile this entity is on the face of the earth.


"The guided imagery we can do, to take that moment and say, a soul, an innocent soul in Paradise, flying around, enjoying the fruits, enjoying the trees, enjoying the shade, and it is living in a chandelier under the throne of Allah, and it has no desire, other than to come back and to die again for His sake. There is another hadith, where the Prophet said that nobody who enters Paradise will ever wish to come back to this world, even if he could have the entire earth, expect for a martyr, who wish to go back and be killed for Allah's sake, because he knows of the reward.


"Imagine Netanyahu – Allah's curse upon him – imagine Biden, imagine these politicians who know the truth, and know exactly what they are doing but have sold their souls to Satan, in Hell, when one of them will be there, and another one of them will come in, and a group will come in, and that group that was already in Hell will say: 'A large group is coming in Hellfire, there is no welcome for you here. You are going to burn.'


"They will say: 'Oh Allah, whoever has caused us to be in this situation, double and increase for them the punishment in the Hellfire.' They used to sit here, laughing, joking, having five star buffets, where they are plotting the murder of Muslims all over the world.


"Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah will love to meet them. Whoever hates to meet Allah, Allah will hate to meet them. This is a chance for us. Allah is giving us a golden opportunity. He does this every now and then with His divine wisdom. He sends reminders to us, every decade, or every few years, for many of us this is maybe the second, third, or fourth [instance] in our lifetime where Allah has tried to wake us up, whether it was 9/11 or the Second Intifada, or some other issue that is waking the Muslims' spirit.


"Can you imagine how desperate the Zionist lobby is now? Because they realize the effect of the words that we have.


"The Zionists have been exposed for the criminals and blood-thirsty animals that they are. This is a gift from Allah to the world.


"This is the time to double our efforts. This is the time to be willing to take a punch for the sake of Allah. This is the time to stand up, and to show the world... and the world is recognizing this, saying: 'Man, these Muslims are serious, they are principled moral people, they don't fear anything except for Allah.' Inshallah, this will be the tipping point, as the world begins to lose confidence in Western values and begins to gain confidence in the values of Islam."

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