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Feb 01, 2023
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Imam Moustafa Kamel Of Anaheim, California Quotes Hadith About Muslims Killing Jews On Judgment Day, Adds: All Creatures Are Opposed To Those Bigoted And Arrogant Breed Of People; They Will Be Annihilated

#10110 | 02:34
Source: Online Platforms - "Imam Kamel on YouTube"

In a video posted on February 1, 2023 to his YouTube channel, Dr. Moustafa Kamel, the imam and director of the Alansar Mosque in Anaheim, California, cited a hadith describing how Muslims will kill the Jews on Judgement Day. He said that the rocks and the trees will help the Muslims kill the Jews, whom he described as a "bigoted and arrogant breed of people" opposed by "all the living creatures." He also said that after the final war, the Jews "will never rise again." In another video, posted on the same day, Imam Kamel said that Islamic tradition instructs Muslims to use any means available to fight their enemies, including bullets, rockets, and grenades. In addition, he prayed for Allah to "awaken the Islamic nation so it once again assumes its natural position [as] the masters of the world, under the banner of the Quran."

Moustafa Kamel: "The Prophet Muhammad told us in the hadith that the Muslims would fight Jews at the End of Times, and that they would defeat them before Judgement Day. '[The Jews] will be defeated, and they will hide behind stones, but the stones will say: "Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, kill him."' This can either be literally true or it could be a metaphor.


"It is possible that Allah will enable the stones and the trees to speak, and they will say: 'There is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!' All living creatures are opposed to this bigoted and arrogant breed of people who occupied Muslim lands and humiliated our brothers in Palestine. We pray for Allah to humiliate them in this world, and the Hereafter, to kindle zeal in the hearts of the Muslims to support their religion, and to humiliate those [Jews] soon. Amen, oh Allah.


"Those Jews will be annihilated in that war, and they will never rise again.


"At the Battle of Badr, when our dear Prophet Muhammad was giving instructions to his Companions and arranging them in battle lines, he said to them: 'When they get close to you, within the range of your arrows, shoot your arrows at them.' What [the Prophet] meant is that when [the enemy] gets within range of the [Muslims'] arrows, then [the Muslims] must shoot their arrows. This hadith encourages shooting, using any available means – be it using arrows, like in ancient times, or bullets, rockets, grenades, like in modern times, or any other means, because shooting is one of the elements of force that Allah ordered. [Allah] said: 'Prepare for them whatever force and steeds of war you can.'


"We ask Allah to awaken the Islamic nation so that it once again assumes its natural position – the masters of the world, under the banner of Quran. Amen, oh Allah!"

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