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Jun 19, 2022
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UK Islamic Scholar Asrar Rashid: Hitler Did The Jews A Favor – They Capitalized On Europe's Sympathy To Come To Palestine; There Is A Plan To Rebrand Jihad As Radicalism, Terrorism

#9995 | 02:36
Source: Online Platforms - "Asrar Rashid on YouTube"

British Islamic scholar Asrar Rashid said in a June 19, 2022 lecture at the South Birmingham Central Masjid that Adolf Hitler had done a "favor" for the Jews, who "capitalized" on European sympathy after World War II in order to come to Palestine. He said that the Jews had "held all the politicians in their pockets," and that the Communists in Russia were mostly Jews and had permitted Jewish emigration to Palestine in order to create a Jewish majority there. Later in the lecture, Rashid criticized the United Nations for only condemning Israel without taking action against it, and he said that it would not be surprising if the UN building is moved from New York to Jerusalem "in the near future." In addition, he said that there is a foundation inside the UN building that worships Satan, and that there is an "end goal" to pacify Islam by "rebranding" Jihad as radicalism and terrorism. For more about Asrar Rashid, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 7607 and 6370.

Asrar Rashid: "Over half a million Jews migrated from Russia into Palestine under the watch of the communist government, because of course, the communist government was permitting them to migrate. Why was this? Because the communist leadership, the majority of the communist leadership was Jewish. They were permitting the Jews to leave. The communist government was permitting Jews to migrate — why? Because they needed the number of Jews to exceed the number of Arabs, or Muslims, specifically.


"By the 1940's, Hitler did a favor for the Jews, that the Jews were now favored by Europe. And because we know about how in the concentration camps, not only Jews were killed. Other races were killed. Romanians. Germans themselves were the main victims of Hitler's campaigns. But the sympathy was for the Jews, and therefore they capitalized on this and hundreds of thousands of Jews immigrated to Palestine. Why? To increase the population of Jews within Palestine before this illegal entity could be declared. Meaning before the State of Israel could be declared. They of course held all the politicians in their pockets.


"The UN will always condemn Israel for its human rights abuses. But they never actually take action.


"It would not surprise anyone that in the near future, if the UN building is changed from New York to Jerusalem.


"You must have seen some of the British imams going: 'I'm laying down flowers at the Jewish Holocaust memorial in Palestine.' Why is this being promoted? That Islam becomes a religion just like Christianity or Judaism, which has no sense of governance, and becomes a part of this UN-type of religion. Remember, the Lucis Foundation [i.e. Lucis Trust] is a foundation within the UN building which actually worships shaytan [Satan].


"The end goal is to pacify Islam. How do you pacify Islam? By rebranding jihad as being radicalism and being terrorism.


"All this inflation that we are observing, this has a link to the formation of the State of Israel, international banking, the UN. All of this is interlinked."

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