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Jan 23, 2015
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Berlin Imam: Women Should Be Confined to the Home and Never Say No to Sex with Husband

#4756 | 05:50
Source: Online Platforms

During a Friday sermon in Berlin, Sheik Abdel Moez Al-Eila said that women should be confined to the home and should not go out to work without her husband's permission. During the sermon, delivered at the Al-Nur Mosque on January 23, 2015, Al-Eila said that a woman is not allowed to refuse to have sex with her husband, even during her period.


Following are excerpts:



Abdel Moez Al-Eila: Most [marital] problems go something like this: "When I married her, she was pretty and slim. She used to say nice things to me. Now, she has become full of fat and bones, and she has a gloomy face. When I look at her, she reminds me – God have mercy – of Satan himself! I wish I never had to go home. I wish I never had to see her again." Why is that? Because you let your eyes wander freely. Some men say: "My wife was not endowed with the beauty of the women I see on TV." The women on TV writhe like snakes.






On TV, you can see a woman go out naked – her chest, her neck, her arms, and even her thighs, if you will. She is naked for all people to see. She writhes and curls, and uses vulgar language. A man automatically thinks: That's my kind of woman! God forbid! What do you want from such a woman? Do you like the way she moves?! What do you like about her? You can go and search for such a woman. There are plenty of stories.



Woman like that – mark my words – are never satisfied with just one husband. She marries one, two, three, or even four husbands. Whenever she fancies a man, she marries him. She does, the woman. Do you really want your wife to be like that? Of course not. The whole problem began when you let your eyes wander freely, rather than be satisfied with what Allah gave you. On the other hand, a woman must beautify herself. She must turn the home into a flourishing garden for her husband, so that he does not flee from her like one flees a leper or a lion. Because of what we see on TV and on the street, men face temptation. But the Prophet Muhammad addressed this issue when he said: "If any of you fancies a woman you see…"



This happens. A man walks down the street and sees a woman who arouses him. The Prophet Muhammad said: He should have sex with his wife. He should go home quickly and have sex with his wife, and Allah will immediately remove the urge from his heart. Alas, when he goes home, he encounters his ghoul of a wife. What's a man to do?! If he tells her to come [to bed], she says that she's busy.






A wife must not allow anyone into her husband's home without his permission. She must not step out of the home without his permission, and under no circumstances is she allowed to sleep outside her husband's home – not even at her father's home – without her husband's permission.



In addition, she must not get a job without her husband's permission. This is a big problem in the [German] society in which we live. A woman must not get a job without her husband's permission. If he allows her to get a job, it is because he was lenient with her, because in principle, a woman should be confined to her husband's home. A woman should be confined to the home and should dedicate her time and efforts to taking care of her children and her husband. She should cook, sweep the floor, tidy up the place, and take care of her husband, sons, and daughters.






Moreover, a woman is not allowed to refuse to sleep with her husband. She is not allowed to make excuses or use pretexts. As Abu Hureira and others narrated, the Prophet Muhammad said that if a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses... "Come here! I want you!" But she refuses and goes to sleep... The angels curse her until she wakes up. If a woman goes to sleep away from her husband's bed, the angels will curse her until she wakes up.



A wife is not allowed to say "no," under any pretext – not even if she gets her period. Even when a woman has her period, there is nothing to prevent her husband from using her body for pleasure, so long as he avoids the vagina... She puts a loin cloth on her vagina, and he can go on enjoying her body.



'Aisha said that the Prophet Muhammad would throw a loin cloth over her vagina, and then he would use the rest of her body for pleasure. How does a man draw pleasure from his menstruating wife? Well, you have her entire body except for the vagina and anus. It's permitted. But the woman says: "No, I've got my period..." No way! Where is the man supposed to go then?





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