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Dec 27, 2013
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Beirut Bombing Rocks Lebanese TV Studio

#4085 | 01:17
Source: Future TV (Lebanon)The Internet

Following are excerpts from Future TV footage, where a Beirut bombing in heard on live TV, and posted on the Internet on December 27, 2013:

Former Lebanese MP Salah Honein: I do not believe that we will change the reality. If today...

Loud explosion is heard

Salah Honein: It's an explosion...

Interviewer: There seems to have been an explosion in the vicinity... We've just heard an explosion. People are rushing to the scene... We still don't know if it was a plane breaking the sound barrier or an explosion, but we've just heard a loud blast. It seems like the Israeli airforce... We don't know, Dr. Honein, but when you hear such a sound you are very scared. In any case, let's take a short break, before we return to continue the show.


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