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Dec 15, 2023
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Bayonne, New Jersey Friday Sermon: The People Of Gaza Are Guarding The Dignity Of The Muslim Nation; Oh Allah, Let Us Inherit The Homes, Lands Of The Infields, May Their Wealth, Children, Their Lives Become Booty For The Muslims

#10739 | 01:56
Source: Online Platforms - "Bayonne Mosque and Community Center on YouTube"

In a December 15, 2023 Friday sermon delivered at the Bayonne Mosque and Community Center in New Jersey and streamed live on the mosque’s YouTube channel, an unnamed preacher said that the people of Gaza are guarding the dignity of the Muslim nation, and he prayed that Allah will grant them victory. He asked Allah to punish the infidels, to allow the Muslims to inherit the homes, lands, and wealth of the infidels, and to take their children and lives as booty.

Preacher: "Today, we are making the same supplication [as the Prophet did] for the group of people remaining in Gaza today, who are protecting and guarding the remaining dignity of the Muslim nation, and Allah be praised, before what happened on October 7, I met a brother from Gaza, and I said that to him.


"And I said to him: 'You are protecting the remaining dignity and honor, and some kind of respect for this nation.' So I always make that supplication. When you think about it that way, that they are protecting the remaining dignity, the remaining sort of... kind of like... to show some power of this nation – it is our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We ask Allah to protect them. We ask Allah to grant them victory.


"Oh Allah, punish the infidels, come upon them from wherever they do not expect. Oh Allah, instill fear into their hearts. Oh Allah, destroy their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Oh Allah, let us inherit their homes, wealth, and land where we have not set foot yet. Oh Allah, turn them, their wealth, their children, and their lives into booty for Islam and the Muslims. Oh Allah, turn them into booty for Islam and the Muslims. Oh Allah, send down the heavenly army. Oh Allah, send down the heavenly army. Oh Allah, annihilate them, for they are no match for You. Oh Allah, bring down upon them Your punishment, from which criminals cannot escape."

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