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Oct 26, 2023
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Bafana Modise Of South African Friends Of Israel: Hamas Is The Enemy Of The Palestinian People – The World Should Unite Against It; Israel Is Not An Apartheid State; Supporters Of Mandela Want Peace For Israel

#10804 | 01:45
Source: SABC News (South Africa)

Bafana Modise, spokesman of South African Friends of Israel told SABA News (South Africa) in an October 26, 2023, report about a vigil for the victims of Hamas's October 7 attack that the world must unite against Hamas's terrorism. He said that Hamas is the enemy of the people of Palestine and that if it had not carried out the October 7 attack, the people of Gaza would not suffer from a humanitarian crisis. Modise said that the followers of Nelson Mandela support a two-state solution and want there to be peace in Israel. He stated: "Israel is not an apartheid state – this is a fact."

Bafana Modise: "The world has forgotten that Israel was attacked unprovoked [on October 7]. The people of Gaza, themselves, today have been subjected to such... by leaders like Hamas. Hamas, if they love their people more than they hate Israel, they will rather find a reasonable approach and find a lasting peaceful solution.

"We believe that now is the time to close down on Hamas, to make sure that we can have a partner who can bring a lasting peaceful solution, because right now, as we speak, the people of the world are seeing this world, and the death on both sides is devastating. We need to unite against terrorism.


"Hamas is the enemy of the people of Palestine. If there was no attack [on October 7], if they didn't choose to take arms against the state [Israel], we wouldn't be having these [humanitarian] issues. The people of Palestine must unite against Hamas. The world must unite against Hamas, to ensure that at last, we can have a lasting peaceful solution.


"We, the people of Nelson Mandela, as South Africans, we support a two-state solution and that one day there will be peace in Israel.


"We need a Nelson Mandela right now, and right now we don't have a Nelson Mandela in this country.


"Israel is not an apartheid state – this is a fact. If you don't believe it, you can go to Israel and see it for yourself."

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