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May 20, 2021
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Australian Salafi Scholar Abu Ousayd: Oh Allah, Destroy Israel, Cause The Arab Armies To Rise Up Against Their Tyrannical Rulers [Archival]

#9483 |
Source: Online Platforms - "Salafi Central on YouTube"

On May 20, 2021, the Salafi Central YouTube channel uploaded a video of Australian Salafi scholar Wisam Haddad, also known as Abu Ousayd, discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He said that Muslims must pray for Allah to destroy the nation of Israel because what the "Israeli Jews" are doing to the Palestinian people, and he said that Arab leaders are preventing mujahideen from fighting in Jerusalem and Palestine. He also said that the youth of Palestine as "warriors," "heroes," and mujahideen. In addition, Haddad asked his viewers to pray that the armies of the “tyrannical” Arab rulers rise up and fight against their own leaders. Moreover, he asked Allah to grant the Muslims victory so that they may live under shari'a law. For more about Wisam Haddad see MEMRI JTTM reports from February 28, 2022 and August 4, 2020.

Abu Ousayd: "It is impossible to turn on the TV, to turn on social media, to turn on the radio, whatever you want to turn on. It is impossible to do that without seeing what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. To see what is happening to them at the hands of the Zionist, Israeli Jews, the Israeli Army and the Israeli Police Force, who for years have been doing what they're doing but in Ramadan of this year, they increased these attacks on the Muslims.

"And the Muslims have remained silent.


"You see, everybody for many years would say, 'why are we fighting? Why are people fighting Iraq? Why are they fighting in the Sham? Why are they fighting in Afghanistan? Why are they fighting in Somalia, in Bosnia, in all the places in the world. Why aren't they fighting in al-Quds? Why aren't they fighting in Palestine?' Why aren't they fighting there?

"We still see this today. We witness people saying this today. Where are the mujahideen? I swear to God, the mujahideen have been stopped by your governments. The mujahideen have been stopped. From the mujahideen entering, but it is mujahideen today. They are the youth of Palestine, they are the youth of the West Bank, they are the youth of Gaza, they are the youth of Al-Aqsa, who are protecting it. They are the heroes today, they are the warriors today, they are the ones who are protecting not only buildings but their brothers and sisters.

"They are fighting for their land. They are fighting for their home. They are fighting to make the word of Allah, glory to Allah, the highest, and the word of the disbeliever the lowest. What is happening in Palestine is not something old. Every year, year after year, the Zionists, the Zionist regime, the oppressive, illegal state of Israel, it kills our brothers and sisters.


"We are the animal which is being slaughtered and nobody looks at us being slaughtered, but rather they say, 'look at the blood on the white suit.' They are allowed to retaliate. They are allowed to defend themselves, then by Allah, glory to Allah, Allah is the one above the seven heavens who gave permission for the Muslims to defend themselves.

"And the book of Allah, glory to Allah, will reign over all your ways, and all your books.


"We ask Allah, glory to Allah, who is above them, who is above their warplanes that Allah al zawaj al, destroys the nation of Israel. We ask Allah, glory to Allah, we ask him and we beg him, please Allah give victory, give victory to the Muslims that are being oppressed in Palestine.

"We ask Allah, glory to Allah, to cut the tongues of those who are saying, 'return Palestine to the Israelis.' We ask Allah, glory to Allah, to let the people, the armies of those tawagheet [tyrant] rulers who have done nothing for the Ummah, who have done nothing for Palestine. We ask that these armies turn and fight their own leaders, these tyrannical rulers.

"We ask Allah, glory to Allah, that he give us and grant us victory. So that we may live under the shari'a of Allah."

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