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Dec 01, 2023
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Australian Islamic Preacher Omar Najjarine: Israelis Feel Superior To The Arabs, While The Many Jews In All Muslim Lands Are Happy To Be Under Muslim Rule; They Have Always Been A Problem, What Can You Expect From A People Cursed By Allah?

#10763 | 03:02
Source: Online Platforms - "Roselands Mosque on YouTube"

Australian Islamic preacher Omar Najjarine said in a December 1, 2023, Friday sermon at the Sydney Roselands Mosque, which was streamed live on the mosque's YouTube channel, that the Israelis feel superior to the Arabs. He claimed that in contrast, the many Jewish settlers in all the Muslim countries are happy to live under Muslim rule. Najjarine continued to say that Allah has warned the Muslims about the Israelites in the Quran many times, that they have "always been a problem," and he asked: "What is your expectation from people that Allah has told you they are cursed?"

Omar Najjarine: "Arabs to the Israelis are like nothing. [They say], 'We are superior.' And we [Arabs] are nothing. Mind you to say, there are thousands of Jewish communities in the world that live in Muslim lands. There are Jewish communities in Yemen, in Iran, in Iraq, in Lebanon, parts of Africa, and probably in any Muslim country in the world, you would find pockets, communities of Jewish settlers in these countries, that have no fear of where they are living. If anything, they are happy to be under the rule and protection of the Muslims. This is how it has been for hundreds of years.

"What we see today [in Israel] is different, and people are asking, 'Why? Why? Why?' This is who they are. Allah told us about the Israelites so many times in the Quran. This is the children of Israel—this is the Israelites. Allah has warned us over and over about them. He has told us they have killed prophets and messengers because they didnt like them. Allah told us how they disobeyed Moses. The Israelites have always been a problem. They have broken their covenant with Allah over and over and over again. This is why you find Orthodox Jews standing with Palestine. When is it [found], in any history, that the so-called other side is standing against their own selves? Jews—Orthodox Jews—that understand that Allah banished them from the Land of Israel, from this land, because they disobeyed Allah.

"What is your expectation from people that Allah has told that they are cursed? They cannot fight a people who love death more than they love life. This is the key. Why are there so many verses [in the Quran] and chapters even about the Israelites? Because Allah is teaching you about who they are. Because there will be many days to come, when these people will cause strife, corruption, and evil on this earth."


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