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Nov 03, 2017
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Amman Friday Sermon by Ahmad Shahrouri: Only the Sword Will Resolve the Struggle with the Zionists

#6297 | 01:25
Source: The Internet - "Dar Al-Hijrah on YouTube"

During a Friday sermon at the Al-Zaytoonah University Mosque in Amman, Jordan, Dr. Ahmad Shahrouri berated the "fraudulent politicians" for "wasting a hundred years of the life of the Islamic nation." "Nothing will resolve the struggle but pure swords in humble hands," he said. The November 3 sermon was posted on Dr. Shahrouri's YouTube channel.

Dr. Ahmad Shahroui: "Recognizing the state of Israel, and establishing diplomatic and commercial ties with it – whether overt or covert – constitutes a betrayal of Allah, of His Prophet, of history, and of the future.


"Seventy years of occupation is not a long time. The crusaders remained [in Palestine] for about a hundred years, but they were removed in the most ignominious way. Allah willing, the Zionists will not complete their century [in Palestine].


"Nothing will resolve the struggle with the Zionists but the sword. The politicians can spare their efforts. Thank you so much, thank you. Oh fraudulent politicians, thank you for wasting a hundred years of the life of the Islamic nation. Sit back with those who refrain [from waging Jihad). Nothing will resolve the struggle but pure swords in humble hands. Blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad.

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