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Mar 20, 2018
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Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri in New Video Message: Only Jihad Will Defeat America

#6484 | 02:39
Source: The Internet - "Al-Sahab"

On March 21, 2018, Al-Qaeda released a new video of a speech from its leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, in which he seeks to rally the Muslim world to focus on what he views as the No. 1 enemy of the Muslims – the U.S. In the 17-minute speech, released by Al-Qaeda's Al-Sahab media company on its official Telegram channel, Al-Zawahiri says that the policies of "the impudent Crusader Trump" reveal the true character of the U.S. and its enmity toward Muslims. Al-Zawahiri says that the only way to repel the U.S. is through Jihad, and he urges Muslims and jihadis to unite in a battle against the U.S.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri: "The conduct of the impudent Crusader Trump has exposed America's true face, and the real mental attitude of the majority of the American people toward the Muslims.


"It has exposed the deception employed by many [Islamic scholars], who attempted to get closer to America, and who decreed that America has the right to fight the Muslims in Afghanistan, and that the 'terrorists' do not represent the Muslims.


"The conduct of that foolish Crusader has exposed the failure of all the policies of retreat, beggary, and submission to the so-called international legitimacy and law. It has exposed the failure of those who sold out Palestine. They have turned into employees in the Israeli security [agencies]. It has exposed the failure of those who were afraid to appear on America's lists of designated terrorists. It has exposed the failure of the policy of abiding by the treaties of the surrender with Israel, and the military and security cooperation with America. It has exposed the failure of the Arab League, the OIC, and the U.N.


"Eventually, that stupid Crusader and his stupid Crusader nation completely turned against those lackeys [the Muslim rulers], and made it clear to them that their war with the Muslims is a religious one. It is a war between a distorted Torah, which, according to the ignorant Crusader and his stupid Crusader nation, gave the land between the Nile and Euphrates to the Jews, and between the Quran, which says that 'the earth belongs to Allah, and He grants it to whoever He chooses from among His servants.'  


"America will not be made to retreat from its misguidedness, its evil, oppression, and aggression, by the international legitimacy that it created and financed, or by the collaborating rulers, whom it appointed and keeps firmly in place, or by those who fear its power and designations. The only thing that will roll it back is Jihad for the sake of Allah.


"Oh Muslim ummah, let us wage Jihad against America everywhere, just as it attacks us everywhere."

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