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Mar 06, 2018
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Algerian MP Naima Salhi Opposes Return of Jews to Algeria: A "Hellish Plan" to Establish a New "Zionist Entity" and Ultimately Take Over the World

#6467 | 01:59
Source: Echorouk TV (Algeria)

Algerian MP Naima Salhi, Secretary-General of the Parti de l'équité et de la proclamation, warned of a "hellish plan to create a second Zionist entity - a so-called 'Israeli state ' in the Maghreb," and to restore the Jews from Arab countries to their countries of origin. "By now [they] have taken over the world financially," she said. "[Their state] in Algeria will spread to Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, and Mauritania," she warned, agreeing with the interviewer that this was "part of a plan to take over the world." Salhi is a member of the executive bureau of the Stockholm-based International Peace Organization for Relief and Human Rights (IPORH). TV host Youcef Nakaa, who interviewed Salhi, said that the IPORH is accredited by the U.N. The Echorouk TV interview aired on March 6. MP Salhi made headlines recently when she posted a video on social media in which she said that if she caught her daughter speaking the Berber language, she would kill her.


Following is a transcript:

Naima Salhi: We know that there is a hellish plan to divide Algeria. We know that there is a hellish plan to create a second Zionist entity – a so-called “Israeli state” – in the Maghreb. They established the Israeli state in the Mashriq, and now they want to establish one in the Maghreb. This plan is based on the Jews of the Maghreb. The plan is to gather them and restore them to their countries. They say that they have a right to this place. It is going to be exactly the same as the story of the Zionist entity that was planted in the heart of the Arab Mashriq. Such an entity will be planted in the heart of the Arab Maghreb too.

Host: In the social media, there are pages of Algerian Jews, who used to live here in the days of [French] colonialism. You can sense their yearning…

Naima Salhi: What yearning?

Host: A yearning to return to Algeria. Do you support the return of the Jews to Algeria, if they are good citizens, or do you fear that?

Naima Salhi: Why should they return? They have their own country. They took over [that land] and drove the people out. Why should they come here? They shouldn’t.

Host: But they were born here and were perhaps active in Algerian society…

Naima Salhi: Active in what way? They were traders. They are known to be traders and by now have taken over the world financially. But why should they come here? We won’t accept it. We are categorically against it. They don’t call it a state, but that is what’s in their heads. They are coming to run a state within the state. Let me stress that Algeria is the heart of the Arab Maghreb. [Their state] in Algeria will spread to Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, and Mauritania.

Host: As part of a plan to take over the world…

Naima Salhi: Of course. Of course. Of course.


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