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Jul 17, 2022
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Former Algerian Intelligence Officer Mokhtar Said Mediouni: Morocco Is Ruled By The King's Jewish Advisor, André Azoulay; Moroccans Live In "Total Misery," All They Export Is Drugs And Barbarism

#9822 | 03:43

On July 16, 2022, the publicly-owned Canal Algerie TV (Algeria) aired a French-language debate titled "Morocco: Calling [On the People] to Demonstrate on July 17 to Bring Down the [Moroccan] Regime." During the debate, former Algerian intelligence officer Mokhtar Said Mediouni said that Morocco is a leading producer and exporter of drugs, that the Moroccan king is unimportant, that poor people in Morocco live in "total misery," that normalizing relations with Israel was a fatal mistake, and that Morocco is actually headed by Jewish Moroccan royal advisor André Azoulay and other "Zionists" linked to Israel.

Mokhtar Said Mediouni: "[Morocco] is considered to be a leading producer of drugs. Another thing — how does Morocco make money? By massacring human rights, by massacring migrants.


"You have to go to Morocco to see people's living conditions — the mountain people, the rural population, how they live to this day. They don't know what electric lights and heaters are. They still live in the Stone Age. It's disgusting to see people just next door living that way, when you have [the King] sitting on a tottering throne and allowing himself to buy watches and cars. You asked whether the regime is going to worry about the people, and whether the people will experience great misery. He doesn't care. Why doesn't he care? It is no longer the king who is ruling Morocco — rather, it is [royal advisor André] Azoulay, it is Israel, it is the Zionists. They are the ones who run Morocco. A Zionist who is at the head of Morocco — will he really look into the living conditions of the poor Moroccans?


"One of the fatal mistakes of the regime was normalizing [its relations with Israel]. After all, everyone lives their life, it's Morocco's internal policy, and they can normalize relations even with the Devil... Besides, they have always done so... But doing it that way, and at this moment, while the Moroccan people are living in total misery — this is what will lead to the loss of the throne...


"We do not see [the King] and we do not hear him. He is not that important to me. If the [regime] is shaky today, it is because its management brought a barely-mature child to power after his father died. One cannot accept this. He is not mature, either politically or even in the morphological sense. We have seen scenes where he went instead of his father to offer condolences in France, and we saw that he was a child who practically had to be put with other children. That's the truth.


"Recently, his son was threatened, and people say that there were even kicking noises in the palace. So he called on Azoulay, who called on the Mossad — the Zionist service — to try to protect the heir to the throne.


"Let the Moroccans hear this. The Moroccan opposition knows it, but the people must also know. This little guy's family is no longer leading Morocco. Morocco is being led by Azoulay and his team from Tel Aviv... So today, if the revolution is to happen in Morocco, it will be against the real actors in Moroccan political life and its economy.


"Moroccans cannot even eat today. What will happen to them tomorrow? They are already dead, so death no longer scares them. This is why I believe in the revolution of the Moroccan people, which will change things.


"You have come to the conclusion that ultimately, Morocco has two products to export: drugs and barbarism. Nothing else."

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