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Mar 05, 2015
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Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheik Rebukes Pakistan for Not Launching Nuclear Strike to Help Establish Caliphate

#4830 | 03:54
Source: Online Platforms

This video-clip contains two addresses at the Al-Aqsa Mosque delivered by preacher Muhammad Abed ("Abu Abdallah") on March 6 and 13, 2015. He rebuked Pakistan, asking: "Why do some generals, who have the ability to change history with one swift blow, refrain from doing so?" America, he said, would be "trampled by the hooves of the horses of the Caliph of the Muslims."


Following are excerpts:



March 6, 2015



Sheikh Muhammad Abed "Abu Abdallah": Oh how similar to the past is the present! Just like the ideology of the Prophet Muhammad laid siege to the Quraysh tribe, the Persians, and the Byzantines, today, the religion and ideology of Muhammad – including Islam's men of Truth, the men of the Caliphate and of jihad – are laying siege to America, despite its nuclear arsenal. They are laying siege to Europe and to the fabricated democracy, the great lie. They are constantly publishing new statements. They claim that they have come to fight the Islamic State organization, which they call ISIS – the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But they bomb Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Muslims in Syria. They are bombing the very idea of a Caliphate, which has taken root among the people of Syria, Iraq, and the other Muslim lands.






Oh nation of Islam, only a real Caliphate is capable of satiating your hunger, of defending you and your honor, and of liberating your Al-Aqsa Mosque form the filth of the defilers.






Oh nation of Islam, listen to the advice. You are our nation. Oh army of Pakistan, you are a nuclear army. Why do some generals, who have the ability to change history with one swift blow, refrain from doing so? They have nuclear weapons.






March 13, 2015



Sheikh Muhammad Abed "Abu Abdallah": Oh rulers of Tehran, do you think that you were given a free hand in Syria, in Yemen, in Lebanon, and in Iraq, just because you are so likeable? Do you think that America loves you more than it loves Israel?






Iran has become the most important country to America, because America knows full well that the Caliphate is near, and that it will be terrible and mighty, and that if it is established, Allah willing, it will reach their strongholds in all the capitals of the West. That is why they are using Shi'ite Iran to strike at the enterprise of the Sunni Muslims.



Enough with your stupidity! You will never become an empire, oh rulers of Iran! You will never be a country in the Islamic world, because you were created to serve as a dagger in the side of the nation, and down the throat of the Caliphate. This is what you were created for – in the past and in the present. I advise you to snap out of your illusions.






America will be trampled by the hooves of the horses of the Caliph of the Muslims, Allah willing. This is the promise of Allah. Where will you be when it is being fulfilled? [Oh rulers of Iran], you will fall. You will not be saved.





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