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Mar 15, 2007
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Al-Ahram's Muhammad Said Idris Claims Israelis Participated in Abu Ghureib Abuses

#70 | 39
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)
May 16, 2004 Al-'Alam TV (Iran)

Muhammad Said Idris, a researcher at the Al-Ahram Center For Political And Strategic Studies, appeared on the Iranian TV channel directed at the Arab world, Al-'Alam TV, and claimed that Israelis participated in the Abu Ghureib abuses. Following is a verbatim translation of excerpts of his comments:

Muhammad Said IdrisThere is a connection between the future of the American military presence in Iraq and the future of the Zionist enterprise in Palestine. There is coordination. There are Israelis who took part in the torture of Iraqi prisoners and detainees. There is proof that those who tortured Iraqis in Abu-Ghureib prison and other places were Israeli consultants. There is a very considerable Israeli infiltration. The Mossad is stepping up its presence in Iraq.

Host:Of course they trained the American officers.

Idris: Of course. There is an Israeli assault and persistence in order to keep a presence in Iraq. There is a connection between these two plans, the American in Iraq and the Israeli one in Palestine.

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