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Jan 24, 2019
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Iraqi Sunni Politician Sheikh Taha Al-Dulaimi: 98% of Americans Killed in Iraq Were Killed by Sunnis; When "Sunni Spring" Comes, We Will Drink Tea in Tehran

#6979 | 02:54
Source: The Internet - "Sheikh Al-Dulaimi on social media"

In a video he uploaded to social media on January 24, 2019, Iraqi Sunni politician Taha Al-Dulaimi accused the Shiites of welcoming the U.S. occupation of Iraq in 2003 and of subsequently claiming that they had expelled the Americans when the occupation withdrew. He mockingly said: "Now – you 'Ali Baba' Shiites – the Americans have returned… Show us how tough you are." Al-Dulaimi said that when the "Sunni Spring" comes, the Sunnis will drink tea in Baghdad and Tehran, and that the Shiites will "turned one another into mincemeat" when a proposal for Sunni autonomy for Arabs and Kurds comes up. He also said that only 2% of the Americans killed in Iraq had been killed by Shiites and that even this had been done for the sake of Iran rather than Iraq. Sheikh Al-Dulaimi, a former physician, is the founder of the "Sunni Movement" (Al-Tayar Al-Sunni) in Iraq, which is active on social media.

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh Taha Al-Dulaimi: When the American occupiers entered [Iraq] for the first time in 2003, the Sunnis fought them. This is well known. As for the Shiites, they are the ones who ushered in the occupiers.




After the occupiers left, about 9 years later, the Shiites raised their heads – those foxes come out of their holes – and said: “It was we who expelled the occupiers.”




Now – you “Ali Baba” Shiites – the Americans have returned. The Americans are back on the scene, and right now, there is nobody out there except for you and the Americans. So you have an opportunity to show us what men you are. Get on with it. Show us how tough you are. Prove what you are made of.




As I said many years ago: When the Sunni Spring comes, we shall drink tea in Tehran. But, as a first step, we shall drink tea in Baghdad. Like it or not, Shiites, when the Sunni Spring comes, we shall drink tea in Baghdad.




There are border disputes between the Kurds and the Arabs, and one thing leads to another, but with the Shiites, our problems are a matter of life and death, not of borders. When a proposal for Sunni autonomy for Arabs and Kurds comes up, the Shiites will make mincemeat out of one another. They will make mincemeat out of one another in southern [Iraq]. That’s not all. Allah willing, they will cook one another in Iran too.




Cowardice, depravity, and abomination characterize your moral values.




Ninety-eight percent of the Americans killed in Iraq were killed by Sunnis. Only 2% were killed by Shiites, but the Shiites were doing it for Iran’s sake, not for the sake of Iraq. The Shiites are traitors and have been traitors since Allah created them.

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